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How to Earn All MyTeam Trophy Case Reward Cards in NBA 2K23?

Trophy cases provide gamers a surefire way to build their team and fill it with elite talent in NBA 2K23. But how to get all MyTEAM Trophy Case Reward Cards? This guide will detail how you can earn the required cards for your Trophy Case.

Trophy Case Reward Cards

Trophy Case Breakdown for NBA 2K23

Here is a breakdown of how the Trophy Case is structured and where you earn it:

• Historic Pennant: Agendas and Random Packs
• Elite Franchise Highlight: XP Ladder
• Elite Franchise Accolade: Agendas and Random Packs
• Elite Franchise Moment: Agendas
• Current Pennant: Agendas and Random Packs
• Historic Jersey: Agendas and Random Packs
• Series 1 Lock (Trophy): Lock in Series 1 Players
• Centerpiece: Complete Triple Threat, Triple Threat Online, Clutch Time Offline, Clutch Time Online, Unlimited
• Legendary Franchise Moment: Agendas
• Current Jersey: Agendas and Random Packs
• Historic Team Photo: Agendas and Random Packs
• Rare Franchise Accolade: Agendas and Random Packs
• Domination Trophy: Beat a team on All-Star in Current Domination
• Rare Franchise Moment: Agendas and Random Packs
• Current Team Photo: Agendas and Random Packs

MyTeam Trophy Case Reward Cards

Here are the many methods to obtain the required Trophy Case cards:

1. The Token Market

The first place to look for cards is the Token Market. Sometimes, 2K will drop in Exchange Packs that you can buy. These give you a card that you can use in The Exchange to unlock a choice pack of different cards needed for the Trophy Case. On top of this, you can spend your Tokens to buy NBA Series 1 players, which help earn the MVP trophy in NBA 2k23.

2. Domination

The current domination set completion is a mandatory complete, and earn all the MyTeam Trophy Case Cards and rewards for all your teams in NBA 2k23. Then the current domination set will also grant you the third card on the bottom side row, which can be used for your favorite trophies in NBA 2k23 MyTeam.

3. Agendas and the Season Pass

Another place to pick up Exchange Packs is through Agendas and the Season Pass. 2 Elite Franchise Highlight Exchanges Packs will be offered at the start, then 3 unique exchanges in the season 1 agenda. Eventually, you will also get the Centerpiece Exchange, the most effective exchange for completing the NBA 2K23 MyTeam Trophy Case Cards. You can also earn several different types of Exchanges by completing all of the Divisional rewards in the Lifetime Agendas section. You’ll also pick up several Trophy Packs for Agendas and the Season Pass.

4. Random Packs

Whether in the Season Pass or the various modes you can play, you will pick up all kinds of packs that include Trophy Case items. These are random, which means you have no control over which card you’ll get, unlike the Exchanges, yet some of the available random cards here will help you complete the MyTeam Trophy Case Cards in NBA 2k23.

5. Centerpiece Rewards

Centerpiece rewards are the best way to acquire a card for the MyTeam trophy case in NBA 2k23. Here are all of the ones we’ve found so far:

• 100 wins in Clutch Time Offline/Online
• 250 wins in Triple Threat Offline
• 100 wins in Triple Threat Online
• 6,000 points in Unlimited

These rewards are available only for a limited time.

Read here if you want more updates and guides or get NBA 2K23 MT points on this game.


How to Use and Redeem Locker Codes in NBA 2K23?

Locker Codes are back again for NBA 2K23, providing players with plenty of valuable items in both MyTEAM and MyCAREER for free when they are redeemed. Here’s a breakdown of how to use & redeem Locker Codes and a list of the active codes.

Redeem Locker Codes

What are locker codes in NBA 2K23?

Locker Codes are text-based codes that can be entered into the game to win MyTeam rewards such as Packs, Tokens, Players, MT 2K23, and much more. Sometimes, Locker Codes will also include MyCareer bonuses as well. There are new Locker Codes released every week, with each Locker Code offering a different selection of potential prizes.

Locker codes typically expire after a few days, though the timing can vary.

Working NBA 2K23 locker codes

As of now (September 23, 2022), there are no available locker codes, but we will continue to track new codes, so stay tuned to this page.

Expired NBA 2K23 locker codes

• JPPGB-24J8S-VVJZQ-65GD6-533J7 – 30 minute 2XP Coin, 3 Gatorade Boosts and a shirt
• CONGRATS-HOF-HARDAWAY – Heat Trophy Case Pack
• CONGRATS-HOF-MANU – Spurs Trophy Case Pack
• 2KDAY-IN-MyTEAM-NBA2K23 – #2KDay Option Pack

How to redeem locker codes in NBA 2K23?

Here’s how to redeem locker codes in NBA 2K23:

• Load the game up.
• Enter the “MyTeam” menu from the main screen.
• Select the “Home” tab.
• Go to the “My Team Community Hub” section.
• Enter the locker code of your choice into the “Locker Code” field.

You can also redeem locker codes in the “My Career” menu:

• Go to the “City” or “Neighborhood” menu.
• Select the “Options” tab.
• Press the “Options/Quit” button.
• Enter the locker code of your choice in the “Locker Code” field.

If done correctly, the items should appear in your inventory immediately.

How can you get more NBA 2K23 locker codes?

The best way to get more NBA 2K23 codes is to bookmark this page and check it frequently. We will update our codes list as the developer releases NBA 2K23 locker codes.

You can also follow the official NBA 2K Twitter account.

Why aren’t my NBA 2K23 locker codes working?

1). NBA 2K23 locker codes have expiration dates that the developer controls. Make sure you use the code before this date, or it will not work.

2). Ensure you are entering the code correctly, as a mistake will not let the code work.

3). Some codes are in limited quantity, meaning you will need to input them quickly before they are all claimed.

What are locker codes used for?

Locker codes in NBA 2K23 serve to grant you rewards and help you progress. You can get anything from VC to cosmetic packs to high-profile players, so it’s well worth redeeming if you get the chance.

That’s a quick and simple way to redeem and use the locker codes you receive from NBA 2K23. But be sure to visit here, as 2K will release more codes in the future, and we’ll keep this guide updated with the latest info.

NBA 2K23 Los Angeles Lakers Player Ratings

Lakers Player Ratings

We’re breaking down the new NBA 2K23 ratings for all 32 NBA teams, and in this guide, we’re taking a closer look at the Los Angeles Lakers. If you’re curious about who the Lakers’ best players might be, the starting roster, and bench players, here’s everything you need to know.

Los Angeles Lakers – Best Player

The Lakers will also have a total of two players rated 80 or above in NBA 2K23, including:

LeBron James (SF) – 96 OVR

LeBron James

LeBron James (96) is still regarded as one of the best players in the league. After all, he averaged 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, and 6.2 assists per game last season. James posted the second-highest scoring average of his career and at 37, reached numbers he hadn’t touched since he was 23. It’s no wonder that James still has a 96 overall because there isn’t a thing on the court he can’t do. The best player has to be the most expensive, and if you want to use him in MyTEAM, you need to buy cheap MT 2K23 through U4GM.

Anthony Davis (C) – 90 OVR

Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis will stay in the 90s club with a round 90 OVR. Davis averaged 23.2 points, 9.9 rebounds, and 3.1 assists in 40 games in 2021-22. He is considered one of the best big men in the league due to his play on both sides of the court.

Russell Westbrook (PG) – 78 OVR

Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook was given an ugly 78 overall rating on NBA 2K23. The 33-year-old averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assists in 78 games with Los Angeles last season. Although he filled up the stat sheet, he was a poor fit offensively alongside Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Los Angeles Lakers – Starters & Bench

Below you will find a table of the starting roster and bench players for the Los Angeles Lakers at launch in NBA 2K23:

• Russell Westbrook – PG – 78
• Patrick Beverley – SG – 78
• LeBron James – SF – 96
• Anthony Davis – C – 90
• Thomas Bryant – C – 76
• Kendrick Nunn – PG – 74
• Lonnie Walker IV – SG – 75
• Austin Reaves – SG – 74
• Max Christie – SG – 70
• Juan Toscano – SF – 72
• Troy Brown Jr. – SF – 72
• Wenyen Gabriel – PF – 71
• Damian Jones – C – 72

No doubt more and more team ratings will be revealed on, so keep an eye on it for all the latest updates.

NBA 2K23 MyTeam Game Modes

NBA 2K23 has added multiple new features and modes this year, bringing significant changes to MyTeam. Below we’ll be discussing the entire NBA 2K23 MyTeam modes in detail.


Triple Threat Online: Co-Op

The biggest change to NBA 2K23 MyTeam game modes is the addition of co-op Triple Threat Online gameplay. This applies across different variations: Party Mode, Co-Op, and Competitive Online:

1). Party Mode

Party Mode brings up a team vs. team situation with you against your friend, and if you’re down a friend or two, the AI will fill out any empty slots.

2). Co-Op Mode

On the other hand, Co-Op Mode will see you and your friends join together and team up and take on some AI opponents on your way to climbing up your reward ladders for the Season – similar to single-player triple threat offline.

3). Competitive Online Mode

Competition Mode brings your team online against other teams of three and offers better rewards in the form of MyTEAM Points, Tokens, Packs, and a special Takeover Reward Player.

Clutch Time Single Player

A single-player version of the great Clutch Time game mode was added in NBA 2K22. This will allow you to test your squads before taking them online. The goal remains the same, win ten games without losing three in a row to earn rewards like 2K23 MT, cards, etc.

Single Player Triple Threat

Triple Threat win rewards will now refresh with every Season. The Vault returns for the new game.


Domination tiers return with five sets of 33 games that are now judged based on how many points you beat the opponent by.


Challenges return with a new lineup helper to make picking easier.



Let’s get into the flagship competitive mode of MyTEAM, Unlimited. NBA 2K23 will introduce a new way to rank up; adding Season Points means that every game will cause an immediate change. And, MyTeam will feature a new tier, Prestige, that is past the Dark Matter tier, and leaderboards return for Unlimited in 2K23. The $250,000 MyTEAM Unlimited Tournaments will be returning this year for each console.


Lineup helper will also apply to the Limited game mode and extend to more unique lineups.


Draft mode returns with an improvised ticketing system. There’s also been a change to lineups, where after you draft your lineup, you’ll now be able to edit your starting lineup to adjust to your playing style. Each Draft Kit comes with an exclusive Ascension board that includes the weekly Takeover reward player as the grand prize at the top of the tower.

Are you excited about all the MyTEAM modes? Let us know in the comments! Go here to see other MyTeam changes and a more detailed look at the new features.

17 Things You Should Know About the NBA 2K23 MyNBA

As in NBA 2K21 and NBA 2K22, MyNBA is exclusive to the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series X|S version of NBA 2K23, and it’s also the best franchise mode experience in the sports video game universe. Here are 17 things you should know about the MyNBA mode in NBA 2K23.


1. Eras Offers the Ultimate Time Machine to NBA 2K Franchise Fans

Players have access to a time machine through MyNBA that enables them to start a new MyNBA save at a particular period in NBA history known as an Era. The league will have the same number of teams it did at that time, with accurate rosters (limited by the players 2K has a license to use), and you’ll have the opportunity to replay or rewrite NBA history from that point.

2. You Can Still Play Traditional MyNBA

You can start at the beginning of the 2022-23 season if you choose to experience MyNBA the way it has been offered for the past few years.

3. Start Today Feature Will Return

The Start Today feature will also return, offering players an opportunity to pick up mid-season with any current NBA team once the 2022-23 season is underway.

4. Players Will NOT Visually Age

While players in Eras will age in years and ultimately retire, they will not go through a visual transformation each year.

5. You Can Edit Draft Classes & Roster Within the Eras Feature

Each historical Era will have its own official roster and Draft Classes. Roster and Draft Class customization is also available to add missing players.

6. Team Brand

Team branding is accurate to each Era and, by default, will change through the years to reflect reality. Over 100 new floors have been added this year.

7. Jordan Challenge

Jordan Challenge

The era-specific video filters and presentation from the revamped Jordan Challenge will also be utilized during their Eras in MyNBA.

8. Commentary and Presentation Will Change as Your MyNBA Rolls On

One of the biggest treats of this mode is the era-specific commentary and presentation. Presentation packages will also be era-specific with screen filters that reflect the decade and overlays and score bugs consistent with the time.

9. League Rules, Expansion, and Relocation are Included as it Did in History

Users can veto historical changes, including relocation, expansion, and league rules.

10. Injuries Have Been Revamped for MyNBA

In NBA 2K23, injuries will happen at a realistic pace in games with the following factors set to determine an injury:

• Injury history
• Wear-and-tear through a season
• Contextual bumps and tweaks, meaning the in-game injuries should align with the sort of contact or fall that occurred in the game.

11. Player Progression Fixes

The player progression system had some holes addressed before the release of NBA 2K23.

12. MyNBA Online Stability Has Been Massively Improved

MyNBA Online has gone through a deep examination to find the bugs and legacy issues and to remedy the ongoing server issues that plague the mode at some or throughout the release cycle.

13. Expansion teams will automatically join the NBA for the same season they did in real life. Manual expansion and re-branding are also still available.

14. Finances change over time, with larger salaries and an expanding salary cap.

15. There will be authentic All-Star jerseys, and players will wear their original team jerseys in All-Star Games during the years that concept was used.

16. The WNBA Playoff bracket has been updated to reflect the proper/current format, with the previous approach still being available as an option.

17. Team rivalry logic has been revamped for more intense gameplay, including physicality and aggressiveness when rivals meet.

Do you have anything else to add? Please let us know in the comments section! Keep up with the latest gaming news, or buy MT NBA 2K23 at U4GM.

How Can I Find the Best Place to Buy NBA 2K23 MT?


Knowing how to find a reliable site or seller is essential if you’re planning to buy NBA 2K23 MT online is essential. Here are some factors that buyers need to be considered while purchasing NBA 2K23 MT:

1. High reputation — Choosing a reputable and reliable seller is essential.

2. Extensive experience — You should choose a strong gaming company with extensive experience in the gaming industry.

3. Do a Background Check — Don’t trust what you see immediately because even scammers know how to make their site look legit and professional. The best way to see if you can trust a website is through unbiased reviews from other customers. You’ll usually find this on consumer review websites such as Trustpilot, Ownedcore, Epicnpc, etc. Also, as we all know, Quora has talents in various fields. You can find answers on Quora. Once you know what other people are saying, check on Google whether the site is legit and safe.

4. Reliability Of The Website — You need to check the website’s legitimacy and determine whether they can keep the customer information from leakages or not. Ensure they use MD5 encryption security or higher and professional cloud services to protect customer information. Another thing you must look at is the UI design of the website, which shows how experienced their program developers are. You should choose a provider with a user-friendly interface and higher operating speed.


5. 100% Safe And Secure Transaction — Since many sites are interested in fraudulent activities, you need to be mindful. You should find a source that provides 100% handmade NBA 2K23 MT points, so your account does not get banned. You can also check the ban history of the service provider to determine its quality of service.

6. Cheap And Reasonable Prices — When first checking out sites, you shouldn’t just stick to one. And you can compare the top 2 or 3 websites with prices. Naturally, go for the site that offers the lowest price possible. That said, it’s important not to dive in immediately, especially if you find an offer that seems too good to be true. It can put your confidential purchase information in danger, and maybe it can be used for illicit activities. If someone is selling you an NBA 2K23 MT much lower than the market price, check twice to ensure that the seller isn’t trying to scam you.

7. Fast Delivery Time — When you come to the NBA 2K23 MT store, you will find that most of them display “delivery time” to the player. You can choose a faster delivery time to buy MT points.


8. Various Payment Methods — A competent website should provide players with many payment methods, which is very convenient for them to place orders.

9. Refund Guarantee — The responsible seller should get a refund guarantee if you place a wrong order or for other reasons.

10. Chat With the Seller Directly — Once you’ve chosen the best site, take a look at the site directly. Better yet, have a quick chat with the seller so you can ask important questions such as what their refund policy is, how fast the delivery speed is, etc.

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NBA 2K23 Rating Predictions: Who will be the Highest-rated Player?

While there’s still a long time until talk of the next installment in the series drops, we have some ideas for NBA 2K23 ratings. We believe the NBA Finals MVP Steph Curry will be the highest-rated player this year. Why? We’ll go into more detail on that below. In addition, we also predicted the ratings of some other players.

Who will be the Highest-rated Player in NBA 2K23?

Highest-rated Player

Stephen Curry should be the highest-rated player in NBA 2K23 and should go on to get at least a 97.

The Golden State Warriors are the 2022 NBA Champions! Stephen Curry also won the NBA Finals MVP, which should be the boost that Curry needs to become the highest-rated player in the NBA 2K23.

In this year’s NBA Finals, Curry averaged 31.2 ppg, 6.0 RPG, and 5.0 APG. These are the numbers of a future Hall of Famer; thus, he deserves the highest rating in NBA 2K23.

Betting Odds for NBA 2K23 Player Ratings

It was recently revealed that NBA 2K23 player ratings are available in a futures market for bettors. Reportedly, the site BETUS lists over/under for the potential ratings of many of the game’s top stars under an “NBA specials” category.

Here are some of the potential rating oddsmakers based their bets around:

• Kevin Durant, 97.5 OVR
• Giannis Antetokounmpo, 97.5 OVR
• LeBron James, 96.5 OVR
• Steph Curry, 96.5 OVR
• Kawhi Leonard, 96.5 OVR
• Nikola Jokic, 96.5 OVR
• Joel Embiid, 96.5 OVR
• James Harden, 96.5 OVR
• Luka Doncic, 96.5 OVR
• Damian Lillard, 94.5 OVR
• Jayson Tatum, 93.5 OVR
• Trae Young, 91.5 OVR
• Bradley Beal, 91.5 OVR
• Zion Williamson, 90.5 OVR
• Karl-Anthony Towns, 89.5 OVR
• Rudy Gobert, 89.5 OVR
• LaMelo Ball, 87.5 OVR
• Khris Middleton, 87.5 OVR
• Ben Simmons, 86.5 OVR

As a reminder, these numbers signify the middle ground, so the bets were on whether players would be over or under the given rating, making these what oddsmakers view as the most likely middle ground between two ratings for some of the league’s biggest stars.

NBA 2K23: Top 10 Rookie Rating Predictions

Here are our early predictions for the top ten rookie ratings in NBA 2K23:

• Paolo Banchero – 81 OVR
• Jabari Smith Jr. – 79 OVR
• Jaden Ivey – 78 OVR
• Chet Holmgren – 78 OVR
• Bennedict Mathurin – 77 OVR
• Keegan Murray – 76 OVR
• Johnny Davis – 76 OVR
• Dyson Daniels – 75 OVR
• Shaedon Sharpe – 74 OVR
• Jeremy Sochan – 74 OVR

When new NBA 2K23 ratings are revealed, we’ll update these on the U4GM news page.

Top Candidates for NBA 2K23 Cover Athletes

We’re likely just about a month away from the NBA 2K23 cover athlete reveal, but we have some ideas about who will land the cover. Here, we’ll list the top candidates for NBA 2K23 cover athletes.

NBA 2K23 Cover Athletes

NBA 2K23 Cover – Steph Curry

Although there are many options for the NBA 2K23 cover athlete, we think Stephen Curry outshines the rest. He won the NBA Finals MVP when he led the Warriors to another championship after beating the Celtics in just six games. In our opinion, he should land on the cover.

In 2022, Curry earned the following accolades:

• Broke the NBA record for most threes in a year (507)
• Broke Ray Allen’s record for most career threes
• Became the first player ever with 3,000 three-pointers

He ranked 10th in the NBA in points per game (25.5), shooting 45.9% from the field and 39.7% from the three-point line. In our minds, he’s a shoo-in for the NBA 2K23 cover.

Other NBA 2K23 Cover Candidates – Nikola Jokic, Jayson Tatum, and Joel Embiid

Although we think Curry is the obvious choice, a few players have added their names to the current odds.

Nikola Jokic has a few accolades under his belt in 2022, as do Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid:

1. Nikola Jokic

1). 2022 NBA Most Valuable Player
2). Averaged 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per game

Back-to-back NBA MVP has never been featured on the cover and would coincide with the NBA’s recent homage to international talent.

2. Jayson Tatum

1). Averaged 26.9 points per game through the regular season
2). Led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals
3). Was vital in eliminating the Milwaukee Bucks

He is likely the best all-around young talent in the league and is potentially on pace to win his first NBA championship.

3. Joel Embiid

1). Averaged over 30 points per game during the regular season
2). Averaged a double-double over the season
3). Shot just under 50% during the season.
4). Was a candidate for MVP but lost to Nikola Jokic

Runner-up for league MVP and has never been featured on the cover—also one of the NBA’s more giant international stars.

4. Ja Morant

Although Ja Morant has jumped in the odds, his accolades this season don’t match up to Curry. Arguably the most exciting player in basketball and has never been featured on the cover. As the cover athlete, NBA 2K tends to lean more towards guards than forwards or centers.

NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete Odds

Here’s the current layout for the NBA 2K23 cover athlete odds:

• Ja Morant+100
• Nikola Jokic+300
• Jayson Tatum+400
• Joel Embiid+450
• Stephen Curry+500
• Devin Booker+2500
• LaMelo Ball+2800
• Trae Young+3300

Previous Covers of NBA 2K

In preparation for the NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete, here are some former cover athletes from previous years:

• NBA 2K16 – Standard Edition – Stephen Curry
• NBA 2K17 – Standard Edition – Paul George
• NBA 2K18 – Standard Edition – Kyrie Irving
• NBA 2K19 – Standard Edition – Giannis Antetokounmpo
• NBA 2K20 – Standard Edition – Anthony Davis
• NBA 2K21 – Standard Edition – Zion Williamson
• NBA 2K22 – Standard Edition – Luka Doncic

When is NBA2k23 Expected to Launch?

According to 2K Intel, the latest version of the NBA2k franchise will hit the market on September 16, 2022.

This has been in line with recent trends about the game launch. Current records show that the NBA2k game has always hit the market early in September on a Friday. NBA2k22 was released on September 10, while NBA2k21 hit the market on September 4.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete and what else we know so far. Also, to learn more about the NBA 2K23, follow the news pages of U4GM.

Best Players for Small Forward in NBA 2K22

Small Forward is one of the most vital positions on the court, making it necessary to have a good one on your squad. Here are the best small forwards available to pick in NBA 2K22 to see which one suits your preferences to the highest level.

1. LeBron James

• Overall Rating: 96
• Position: SF/PG
• Team: Los Angeles Lakers
• Archetype: Two-Way Slashing Playmaker
• Best Stats: 98 Hands, 98 Shot IQ, 97 Layup

LeBron James

In the NBA, LeBron James plays as a Small Forward/Point Guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. He is currently the top player in the NBA. His accomplishments include four NBA championships, four NBA MVP awards, four NBA Finals MVP awards, and two Olympic gold medals.

He has the build of a 2-Way Slashing Playmaker with an overall rating of 97. His 97 layups and 90 driving dunks, 94 pass IQ, and 90 pass accuracy rest the case for James. James also brings an outstanding balance of badges with 17 finishing, 17 shooting, 15 playmaking, and 16 defense and rebounds.

He has 61 Badges, out of which 4 are at a Hall of Fame level—making him the most coveted player in real life and in-game. If you’d like to use him in MyTeam, you can buy cheap mt 2k22 at

2. Kawhi Leonard

• Overall Rating: 95
• Position: SF/PF
• Team: Los Angeles Clippers
• Archetype: Two-Way Scoring Machine
• Best Stats: 98 Hands, 98 Close Shot, 98 Offensive Consistency

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard plays as either the Small Forward or Power Forward for the Los Angeles Clippers in the NBA. He is a five-time All-Star with three All-NBA First Team selections. Nicknamed the “Claw” or “Klaw” for his ball-hawking skills, he has earned seven All-Defensive Team selections and won Defensive Player of the Year honors in 2015 and 2016.

He has a rating of 95 with a build of a 2-Way-Inside-Out Scorer.
The aspect that separates Leonard is his defensive prowess. He has a rating of 98 for defensive consistency and 97 for lateral quickness, helps Defense IQ, and passes perception. 98 close and 93 mid-range shots pose enormous problems for opponents.

He has a total of 48 Badges, of which 1 is Hall of Fame level.

3. Jimmy Butler

• Overall Rating: 91
• Position: SF/PF
• Team: Miami Heat
• Archetype: Two-Way Slashing Playmaker
• Best Stats: 96 Steal, 96 Pass Perception, 95 Shot IQ

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler is a Small Forward for the Miami Heat in the NBA. Stout defensive capabilities and his scoring prowess have made Butler a hot commodity despite being a journeyman in the league.

He has an overall rating of 91 with the build of a 2-Way Slasher. Butler can score buckets for the Heat and facilitate the team’s offensive schemes with his build as a Two-Way Slashing Playmaker. Butler averaged 21.5 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game, leading the league in steals (2.1).

He has a total of 28 Badges.

4. Khris Middleton

• Overall Rating: 88
• Position: SF/PF
• Team: Milwaukee Bucks
• Archetype: Two-Way Sharpshooter
• Best Stats: 98 Hands, 96 Shot IQ, 95 Offensive Consistency

Khris Middleton

For the Milwaukee Bucks, Khris Middleton is a Soft Forward. The reigning and defending NBA champion is considered a sidekick on his team, but he’s a bonified star.

Khris is built with the 2-Way 3-Level Scorer archetype. A 90 close shots, 92 mid-range shots, and 86 three-point shots offer an excellent repertoire for the sweet-shooting forward from Texas A&M. He also boasts 96 shot IQ and 83 help defense IQ.

He has an overall rating of 88 and 34 total badges.

5. Jaylen Brown

• Overall Rating: 86
• Position: SF/SG
• Team: Boston Celtics
• Archetype: Two-Way Three-Level Scorer
• Best Stats: 95 Hustle, 95 Offensive Consistency, 93 Mid-Range Shot

Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown is an American professional basketball player for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association.

With 93 mid-range shots and 89 close shots, Brown is a threat from any area on the floor. His lateral quickness is 89, and his perimeter defense is 87, which is prolific for Ime Udoka’s style.

The Boston Celtics 2-Way 3-Level Scorer Soft forward could be a great extension to the team with 86 overall ratings and 35 badges.

6. DeMar DeRozan

• Overall Rating: 85
• Position: SF/PF
• Team: Chicago Bulls
• Archetype: Slasher
• Best Stats: 98 Offensive Consistency, 94 Hands, 93 Mid-Range Shot

DeMar DeRozan

DeMar DeRozan is an NBA Veteran who still performs at a high level. He has averaged 20 points, four rebounds, and four assists a game for his career.

With an overall rating of 85 in NBA 2K22, DeMar DeRozan will uplift the Chicago Bull’s roster with his experience and abilities. His 92 close shots and 93 mid-range shots are consistent threats, but his athleticism remains his most significant asset despite already being his 12th year in the league. He sports 88 vertical and 85 hustle ratings, which provide a big boost for the Bulls in NBA 2K22.

He has 25 total badges.

7. Michael Porter Jr.

• Overall Rating: 84
• Position: SF/SG
• Team: Denver Nuggets
• Archetype: Sharpshooter
• Best Stats: 93 Close Shot, 89 Mid-Range Shot, 88 Vertical

Michael Porter Jr.

Michael Porter Jr. is a good scorer and has excellent stature, which helps him become one of the best Small forwards in NBA 2K22.

Michael Porter Jr plays for Denver Nuggets and has 18 badges. 89 mid-range shots, and 87 three-point shots, Porter will flourish in a system with Nikola Jokic as the focal point. Moreover, his Silver Corner Specialist and Set Shooter will be impeccable and help create offense for the Nuggets in-game.

Porter Jr.’s 84 overall in NBA 2K22 reflects his dynamic contributions to the Nuggets.

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How Can I Get Cheap NBA 2K22 MT?


To get cheap NBA 2K22 MT, you can check it out on U4GM.COM. They understand the customer’s concern for price, so they go the extra mile to ensure you are getting the best deal. Low cost and discounts will save money.

First, the prices of NBA 2K22 MT at U4GM are reasonable compared with other sites in the gaming market as they adjust them in time according to the need to ensure that NBA 2K22 MT is sold at the lowest price. Allows you to spend less money to build a team!

Second, U4GM cooperates with the world’s most professional suppliers and at the same time has formed a team of professional players. They have a wealth of stock on different console platforms, so they have more room for maneuvering to make price adjustments.


Third, you can use the member discount if you are a member. Depending on how much money you have spent on U4GM until now, the discount you can get ranges from 1% to 5%.

Fourth, you can also get more significant coupons ranging from 3% – 10% to save more money.

Finally, they’ll tell you first if you order NBA 2K22 MT while out of stock. If a bit of a wait is okay with you, they’ll work their hardest to raise the MT within a day, or sometimes a couple of hours. If prices go down while waiting for your MT to arrive, they’ll give you more MT to match the economy. But if prices go up, they won’t charge you a penny more.

So if you want to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT, U4GM is the best site. You can NBA 2K22 MT a lot with many discounts for minimal money. In addition, it’s better than any other site on the market in different ways.

U4GM Buyer Guarantee

Other NBA 2K22 MT services on U4GM:

1. Excellent Reputation

Plenty of positive feedback on their TrustPilot and Quora pages speaks for itself. I think that explains a lot of things. Companies with poor service quality can’t achieve this effect. U4GM is one of the most trusted and experienced in-game currency vendors available, including the NBA 2K22 MT market.

You will also notice that they have high-profile Youtubers who advertise their website on their video uploads, so rest assured that you have come to the safest and most secure website to buy NBA 2K22 MT.

2. Safe & Easy Progress


Someone may ask if U4GM is legit or safe when they see the lowest price.

1). All NBA 2K22 MT points they sell are manually obtained by players without violating the game’s rules, ensuring that your account will not be banned because it is legit.

2). They fully consider the security of users’ money, so they cooperate with the most secure companies to provide the most popular multiple secure payment methods, such as Paypal, Credit Card, Paysafecard, Skrill (Moneybooker), G2A Pay, and over 100+ methods are accepted, payment security guaranteed.

3). They encrypt every transaction using SSL encryption and monitor buyers and sellers during each transaction, ensuring that nobody gets short-changed.

4). They attach great importance to users’ privacy and promise not to sell personal information. At U4GM, they collect only the information required to deliver your NBA 2K22 MT. They’ll never ask for anything that has nothing to do with completing your transaction. It’s a fool-proof system that has earned them the trust and return business of many.

5). They make it safe to purchase NBA 2K22 MT by providing chat access between customers to make the process feel more direct.

3. Fast Delivery Service

Fast Delivery

No one likes slow delivery service, and we understand entirely how vital instant service is for customers. To improve customer satisfaction, delivery speed is always U4GM’s priority. They offer it 24 hours every day, with 120 seconds delivery time. There may be a slight delay outside this time frame, but it’s less than 5 minutes delivery guarantee. They leave the competition behind. Why so fast?

It is precisely because they have a sufficient inventory of NBA 2K22 MT that they have the confidence to claim that they can complete the delivery in such a short time.

Also, U4GM’s system has been fully upgraded to ensure that every successful order can be received and processed in the shortest possible time.

And the reason they’re so fast is the Live Stock feature – they only sell the MT coins they have.

4. 5 Star 24/7 Live Service

24/7 Live Service

Buying NBA 2K22 MT at their site will be safe, fast, and cost-effective. In addition to that, they have a 24/7 online customer service system to help you with any problems, and please feel free to contact our LIVE CHAT.

5. 100% REFUND

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you need a refund, like most things in life. They guarantee refunds at any time before delivery, which aligns with their refund policy. If you pre-order NBA 2K22 MT and want a refund, you get one right away if they haven’t already delivered the MT. That seems fair to them, but for some reason, their competitors won’t do it or hassle you until you give up.

So, where is the best place to buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT? I will recommend U4GM.