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Best Shooting Badges to Use in NBA 2K23

In NBA 2K23, there are several features to explore, and Shooting Badges are one of them. It can drastically improve your shooting ability. So in this guide, we are going to spot all the shooting badges along with the best shooting badges one can equip.

All Shooting Badges in NBA 2K23

ClaymoreIncreases the ability to knock down perimeter shots when spotting up patiently.
Clutch ShooterSnot attempts that occur during the final moments of the fourth quarter or in any overtime period receive a large boost.
Comeback KidBoosts mid-range and three-point shooting while trailing in a game.
Corner SpecialistThree-pointers taken from the corner spot, whether off the dribble or off a catch, receive a boost.
Guard UpIncreases the ability to make jump shots when defenders fail to contest properly.
Middy MagicianBoosts the effectiveness of pull-ups, spin shots, and fadeaways from the mid-range area.
Slippery Off-BallWhen attempting to get open off screens, the player more effectively navigates through traffic.
Volume ShooterAfter a player has taken a small handful of shots, an additional boost to shot attributes is given for every subsequent shot, whether it is a make or a miss.
AmpedReduces the penalty that fatigue has on a player and their ability to make shots.
Catch and ShootFor a short time after receiving a pass, the receiver’s ability to knock down threes gets a significant boost.
Green MachineGives an additional shot boost when consecutively achieving excellent releases on jump shots.
Space CreatorIncreases a player’s ability to both hit shots after creating space from the defender and cross up an opponent on step-back moves.
BlindersJump shots taken while a defender is contesting from the side or from the back suffer a lower accuracy penalty.
Limitless RangeExtends the range from which a player can shoot three-pointers effectively.
Agent 3Improves the ability to make pull-up and spin jumpers from three-point range.
DeadeyeImproves the ability to make shots that are contested by a closing defender.

Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K23

1. Best Shooting Badges For Any Shooters in NBA 2K23

• Blinders
• Deadeye
• Volume Shooter

2. Best Shooting Badges For On-Ball Shooters in NBA 2K23

• Limitless Range
• Space Creator
• Agent 3

3. Best Shooting Badges For Off-Ball Shooters in NBA 2K23

• Catch & Shoot
• Claymore
• Corner Specialist
• Slippery Off-Ball

4. Best Shooting Badges For Spot Up Shooters in NBA 2K23

• Catch and Shoot
• Claymore
• Deadeye
• Volume Shooter

5. Best Shooting Badges For Ball Handlers in NBA 2K23

• Agent three
• Limitless Range
• Blinders
• Amped

How to Get Shooting Badges Quickly in NBA 2K23?

The only way to get shooting badges in NBA 2K23 is by successfully hitting your shots in a game or in practice. To quickly gain skill in shooting, shoot as many threes as possible. The best way to do this is to wait a few seconds, back up from the defender, and take your shot. You can also run the “Work on Your Game: 3PT Deep” training exercise to grind your shooting skill.

If you are interested in more NBA 2K23 content, check out the news page of U4GM. We have how to play blacktop, which site can I trust to get safe NBA 2K MT or how to dunk, we’ve got you covered.


NBA 2K23 Contact Dunk: Requirements & How to Get

Contact Dunks is one of the mechanics that come back in the NBA 2K23; they are vital to any big man’s game plan. But some requirements must be met if you wish to perform a Contact Dunk. This guide will break down all contact dunk requirements in NBA 2K23 and how they work.

What is a Contact Dunk?

As the name implies, a contact dunk is a dunk where the two players make contact with each other, and the ball handler pushes through said contact to lay down the basket anyway.

Of course, there’s a fine line when it comes to contact dunks, as too much contact or contact that is actively too aggressive will draw a foul, rendering the dunk meaningless as it won’t result in any points being added to the scoreboard.

All Contact Dunk Requirements in NBA 2K23

Here are the Requirements to perform Contact Dunk in NBA 2K23:

• Small Contact Dunks Off One – You will need Driving Dunk 86+ & Player must be shorter than 6’5″.
• Elite Bigman Contact Dunks – You will need Standing Dunk 90+ & Player must be above 6’10”.
• Pro Contact Dunks Off One – You will need Driving Dunk 84+ & Vertical 75+.
• Elite Contact Dunks Off One – You will need Driving Dunk 92+ & Vertical 85+.
• Pro Bigman Contact Dunks – You will need Driving Dunk 80+ & Player must be above 6’10”.
• Elite Contact Dunks Off Two – You will need Driving Dunk 92+ & Vertical 80+.
• Small Contact Dunks Off Two – You will need Driving Dunk 86+ & Player must be shorter than 6’5″.
• Pro Contact Dunks Off Two – You will need Driving Dunk 84+ & Vertical to 70+.

Once you meet the above requirements, you can create the perfect contact dunk by utilizing a player profile that matches the height and attributes above.

How to View Contact Dunk Requirements in NBA 2K23?

These contact dunk requirements will also be available to view in the game as follow:

1). Go to the MyPLAYER menu.
2). Scroll over to the “MyPLAYER” tab.
3). From there, use X (or A) to select “animations.”
4). Once in the animations screen, use L1 and R1 (or LB and RT) to toggle over to the “animations store.”
5). You’ll then want to select “NBA Dunks and Layups” followed by “Contact Dunks.”
6). Once you’ve reached the contact dunks tab, you’ll see all the available contact dunk variations in the game and the animations that go with them.
7). At the bottom of the contact dunks tab, you’ll also see the requirements that must be met for each animation.

How to Get Contact Dunks in NBA 2K23?

To make a contact dunk, you first need to hold the R2/RT button while driving toward the rim and then hold the X/A Shoot button. Remember to keep an eye on the dunk meter and release the buttons right as it turns green to make a perfect Contact Dunk.

Another thing you need to look for while performing Contact Dunk is the Dunk Meter. Here are the button sequences you need to know:

• Tap the Turbo button (R2 or RT) while driving to the basket.
• Hold up on the right stick when you are close enough.
• Flick down when the dunk animation starts, but be quick.
• Flick down twice faster and hold it down.

The Dunk Meter is a circle that appears initially as yellow, but once you make corrections, it will turn green. You aim to target the ball in the green part of the circle.

If you are not getting the Contact Dunk. Just attack the defender’s side and dunk using the right stick instead of the shoot X button. If another team player is directly underneath the basket, you will 100% get the contact Dunk.

You will never get the Contact Dunk if one or two people are in the paint. The game mechanics of the NBA 2K23 does not allow you to have the Contact Dunk if anyone is in the paint.

NBA 2K23: Contact Dunk badges

Below are the Finishing badges required to have the Contact Dunk in the NBA 2K23:

• Limitless Takeoff (HOF)
• Posterizer (HOF)
• Slithery Finish (HOF)
• Contact Finisher (HOF)

If you follow the contact dunk requirements above, you’ll be able to build the best dunker possible. If you are interested in more NBA 2K23 guides, news, and getting cheap NBA 2K23 MT, please check out here.

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Best Pink Diamond Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam

There are a variety of Pink Diamond ballers to choose from in NBA 2K23, but which one to choose? In this guide, we have listed the best Pink Diamond Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam.

1. Antawn Jamison

• Position: PF/SF
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 99
• Defense: 90
• Height: 6’8″
• Wingspan: 7’4″
• Weight: 223 lbs
• Badges: 0 Bronze, 5 Silver, 19 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Antawn Jamison is a Power Forward with really high offensive ratings. He garnered a maxed-out 99 in offensive ability. He has top-notch stats in attributes like close shots, post-hook, post-fade, etc. He has post-scoring and slashing abilities, making him a top pick for the Power Forward position amongst the Pink Diamond Cards. The best is of course the most expensive, so if you want to use him in MyTeam, you need to pay a lot of MT NBA 2K23. Don’t worry; is the best place to stock up on MT coins.

2. Jeremy Lin

• Position: PG/SG
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 97
• Defense: 92
• Height: 6’3″
• Wingspan: 6’5″
• Weight: 200 lbs
• Badges: 4 Bronze, 4 Silver, 20 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Jeremy Lin is among the top names in this category due to his elite playmaking abilities. He can throw slam dunks and assist the attackers in scoring high. Jeremy Lin surely is one of the best Pink Diamond cards offensively. This is because of his high-scoring stats like mid-range, free throw, and 3-point shots, along with draw foul stats, which is a good combo. Among all of these successes, it should be noted that Lin has the Hall of Fame Floor General badge. This gives all his teammates a boost to their statistics.

3. Michael Finley

• Position: SF/SG
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 97
• Defense: 89
• Height: 6’7″
• Wingspan: 6’10”
• Weight: 215 lbs
• Badges: 0 Bronze, 9 Silver, 20 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Michael Finley‘s Pink Diamond card in NBA 2K23 is an all-rounder in both shooting and finishing. This will make it hard for the opponent to counter his playstyle. He’s also got some of the sweetest dunk animations and badges to accompany his shooting stroke and badges.

4. Steve Francis

• Position: PG/SG
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 97
• Defense: 91
• Height: 6’3″
• Wingspan: 6’6″
• Weight: 195 lbs
• Badges: 0 Bronze, 1 Silver, 21 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Steve Francis can not only be the ideal point guard for your NBA 2k23 build but can also prove to be a good mid-range shooter, given his decent shooting stats. His Hall of Fame badges are mostly split between finishing and playmaking. If he takes it inside, his defender will need help to stop the score. If they get help, Francis can hit the newly-open teammate for an easy assist.

5. Richard Jefferson

• Position: SF/SG
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 97
• Defense: 91
• Height: 6’7″
• Wingspan: 7’0″
• Weight: 233 lbs
• Badges: 0 Bronze, 4 Silver, 22 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Richard Jefferson‘s main role for your team would be to play a small forward or a shooting guard. Richard seems to be an offensive beast, given his stats of a whopping 93 in speed and acceleration, close shot, and 91 for 3-pointers. He also has all but five defense/rebounding badges at gold or better, so no small forward build will truly be able to negate Jefferson’s abilities. You can also utilize the defensive skills and high post-fade ratings of Richard Jefferson to execute decent trick shots.

6. Steve Nash

• Position: PG/SG
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 99
• Defense: 89
• Height: 6’3″
• Wingspan: 6’6″
• Weight: 195 lbs
• Badges: 0 Bronze, 4 Silver, 22 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Former LA Lakers player Steve Nash‘s shooting and playmaking can never be forgotten. More than just shooting sweet, he does have the stats to back it up. With a maximum 99 rating on offense, Nash can shoot the ball himself from range or pass it around with the best of them. He makes the whole offense better when he’s on the floor.

7. Brandon Jennings

• Position: PG/SG
• OVR: 96
• Offense: 98
• Defense: 86
• Height: 6’1″
• Wingspan: 6’5″
• Weight: 169 lbs
• Badges: 0 Bronze, 1 Silver, 23 Gold, and 10 Hall of Fame badges

Although Brandon Jennings might not have many good defending stats, his playstyle is still pretty dominating, considering his brilliant shooting and speed. He’s got pretty high stats in speed and shooting to counter his defensive inabilities, which is all a point guard needs. Moreover, Jennings has top-tier playmaking badges, as all but one is gold or better. On top of passing, his elite shooting badges make him a threat to score all on his own.

That covers what we know about the best Pink Diamond Cards in NBA 2K23 MyTeam. For more on NBA 2K23, check out u4gm’s news page or click here.

NBA 2K23: How to Become a Better Defender?

A solid defense is critical to your team’s victory in NBA 2K23 because you can stop the opposing team from scoring too many goals or any goal. But defending can be one of the trickier components of 2K to master. Some of the best tips we can give you for defense are:

1. Become the shadow of your opponent

When the defense starts, every player will have one opponent assigned to them, and they have to cover that player for the rest of the round, so make sure you stick close to them and don’t give them an opening for passing and keep narrowing the circle around them. As you start following a player and observing him closely, he will become nervous and make some mistakes you can take advantage of.

2. Force turnovers

Turnovers are an essential part of defense strategy. If you can force your opponent players to turn over, it’ll benefit your team, and the opponent team will lose the opportunity to score. You can pull off turnovers by simply catching the ball halfway.

3. Stay at an arm’s length

Because you will be covering a single opponent throughout the defense, you must keep the optimum distance between you and the other player. If you are too far away from the opponent, they will slip past, and if you are too close to the player, you have a chance of causing a foul. The optimum distance is at arm’s length.

4. Substitute Tired Players

Always observe your team throughout a match, and whenever it’s halftime, check for any player, especially defensive players, that have become tired and substitute them for another player. This will help keep your team strong for the rest of the match.

5. Beef up your defensive stats

If you’re a guard or wing, max out the perimeter defense, lateral quickness, and steal. If you’re big, max out rebounding, interior defense, and block.

6. Pick the right badges

Picking the right badges is instrumental for better defense, as they help your manual defensive inputs.

Here’s our list of best defensive badges for every position and tier:

1). Guards

Tier 1
• Chasedown Artist
• Anchor

Tier 2
• Pick Dodger
• Menace

Tier 3
• Clamps
• Challenger
• Glove

2). Swings

Tier 1
• Rebound Chaser
• Pick Dodger

Tier 2
• Chasedown Artist
• Anchor

Tier 3
• Clamps
• Challenger
• Interceptor

3). Big Men

Tier 1
• Challenger
• Interceptor

Tier 2
• Boxout Beast
• Chasedown Artist

Tier 3
• Anchor
• Rebound Chaser
• Brick Wall

7. Learn the passing lanes

The passing lanes are where your opponent passes the ball. When playing off-ball defense, you want to close off the areas where your opponent may pass the ball so you can get easy steals. This is only learned by playing the game.

8. On-ball defense

The key to on-ball defense is predicting your opponents’ moves. You won’t always guess correctly, but over time you’ll get better, start getting bumpy on the ball handler, and get the stops you need on the defensive end.

9. Rebounding for Big Men

You’ll need the Rebound Chaser and Boxout Beast badge, and the most essential tips to rebounding are to box out your opponent, guess where the ball will land, and correctly time your jump for the board.

10. Quickly Switch To Last Defender

You might think the computer controlling your big man should have everything covered, protecting the rim. But constantly relying on this will have your big rack-up fouls in a hurry. I can’t stress enough how important it is to switch to your last line of defense before your opponent goes for a shot. Otherwise, they are highly likely to foul. You can switch defenders by pressing X (PS4) or A(XB1) on your controller. You can even press R1/L1(PS4) or RB/LB(XB1), a button combination dedicated to switching to the closest guy to the rim.

11. Prevent Offensive Rebounds

Getting dominated on the offensive boards is one of the most annoying ways to get beat in 2K. Failure to control the glass often results in games lost. Defense doesn’t stop once you force somebody into a 45% covered shot. You still have to pull down the board to end the possession.

12. Defensive Communication

Turning on your defensive communication setting is an afterthought to many 2K gamers. But there is a lot of value in turning this feature on for “Defense Only.” When defensive communication is on, a little indicator will appear above your head, assisting you in many things on the defensive side of the ball, from improving communication with your computer teammates on fast breaks to giving you a heads-up when screens are coming.

13. Manual Switch Mechanic

Aided by having defensive communications on is utilizing the Manual Switch Mechanic. By switching assignments, you can coordinate with your computer defenders on fast breaks to create a better path for defending long passes. Or if you beat on defense or have a mismatch, holding A(XB1) and X(PS4) tells your nearest defender to switch with you to limit the damage.

14. Practice makes perfect! Finding when to use certain defensive moves and how to read your opponent will prove vital down the road.

15. If you are playing as PF/C, post-defense can be tricky initially, but you will eventually figure it out.

These are the ways you can use defense in NBA 2K23. However, if you are looking for more guides like where can I buy MT NBA 2K23, you can check out here for help.

NBA 2K23: All Locker Codes List (November 2022)

Locker codes have been a part of the NBA 2K franchise for a few years now, and NBA 2K23 is no exception. You can put these codes into the game to get different rewards, like packs, NBA 2K23 MT coins, boosts, and more. Let’s take a look at all the Locker Codes currently available in NBA 2K23 and how to use them.

NBA 2K23: What are Locker Codes?

Locker Codes are text-based codes that can be entered into the game to win MyTeam rewards such as Packs, Tokens, Players, MT, and much more. Sometimes, Locker Codes will also include MyCareer bonuses as well. There are new Locker Codes released every week, with each Locker Code offering a different selection of potential prizes.

Every MyTeam Locker Code in NBA 2K23

Here are all the codes currently available:

HAPPY-HALLOWEEN-IN-MyTEAMTrick or Treat Exchange cardNov 7
SHADES-OF-ROOKIE-EVOShades of Option packExpired
250K-UNSTOPPABLE-PACK-DZ86PUnstoppable PackExpired
250K-GD1-DIAMOND-SHOE250K Diamond Shoe PackExpired
JPPGB-24J8S-VVJZQ-65GD6-533J730-minute 2XP Coin, 3 Gatorade Boosts, and a shirtExpired
2KDAY-IN-MyTEAM-NBA2K23Option Pack with Free Agents and Diamond ShoeExpired
CONGRATS-HOF-MANUSpurs Trophy Case Option PackExpired
CONGRATS-HOF-HARDAWAYHeat Trophy Case Option PackExpired

Where to Use Locker Codes in NBA 2K23?

Here’s how to use your Locker Codes:

1). You’ll need first to make your way to the Home screen in MyTeam.
2). From here, you need to move to the bottom right corner of the screen and select the MyTeam Community Hub.
3). Again, you’ll see an option for Locker Code in the bottom right corner.
4). Once on this screen, type in the code and claim your reward. (Tip, the code is not case-sensitive.)

You can also use the official app to input Locker Codes. Many prefer this because it’s a bit easier to type, but you do have to download an extra app on your phone.

Either way, the process is the same, and you should get the reward in your game right after entering the code.

How to Find NBA 2K23 Locker Codes?

If you want to keep up to date with these codes organically, we suggest following the official MyTeam mode Twitter from 2k games. They regularly give updates for the latest Locker Codes, usually when they hit a major new milestone.

Also, since NBA 2K23 is a massive title with a large audience, many players have set up systems to monitor these Locker Codes. One such system can be found at, which updates the latest active codes daily.

Finally, the best way to get more NBA 2K23 codes is to bookmark this page and check it frequently. We will update our codes list as the developer releases NBA 2K23 locker codes.

What are Locker Codes Used for?

Locker codes in NBA 2K23 serve to grant you rewards and help you progress. You can get anything from VC, the in-game currency, to cosmetic packs, to high-profile players, so it’s well worth redeeming if you get the chance.

Ultimately, despite them usually expiring quickly or having a limit on the number of people who can redeem them, NBA 2K23 codes are extremely useful and will help you progress through the seasons and the game.

Why Aren’t My NBA 2K23 Locker Codes Working?

NBA 2K23 locker codes have expiration dates that the developer controls. Make sure you use the code before this date, or it will not work.

Additionally, ensure you are entering the code correctly, as a mistake will not let the code work.

Finally, some codes are in limited quantity, meaning you will need to input them quickly before they are all claimed.

Those are all locker codes in NBA 2K23 and how to use them. Check out here for much more information, including how to earn VC and MT without spending money.

NBA 2K23 Season 2: Best Defense/Rebounding Badges and How to Get Them

Defense is the backbone of any team, and if you use the Defense and Rebounding badges, it will boost the defensive ability of your team. With NBA 2K23 Season 2 off and running, it’s perhaps no surprise that many MyCareer players wonder what the best Defense/Rebounding Badges are. Here’s a breakdown of the best Defense/Rebounding Badges in NBA 2K23 MyCareer Season 2 and how to get them.

NBA 2K23 Season 2 Best Defense/Rebounding Badges: Current and Next Gen

1GloveBoosts the ability to steal the ball from ball handlers and strip players of the ball while they are gathering for a shot attempt.
2ClampsBoosts the ability to stay in front of the ball handler on the perimeter. Defenders have access to quicker cut-off moves and are more successful when bumping or hip riding the ball handler.
3ChallengerImproves the effectiveness of perimeter shot contests.
4AnchorImproves ability to block and contest shots in the paint.
5InterceptorIncreases the ability of getting steals in passing lanes. The frequency of successfully tipped or intercepted passes greatly increases.
6Pick DodgerImproves a player’s ability to navigate through screens effectively on defense.
7Work HorseIncreases your player’s speed and ability to track down loose balls ahead of the opponent.
8Ankle BracesLowers the likelihood of your player freezing or falling on the floor when facing dribble moves.
9Boxout BeastImproves a player’s ability to box out and fight for a good rebounding position.
10Chase Down ArtistBoosts the speed and leaping ability of a player when chasing down an offensive player down the court and attempting a block from behind.
11Rebound ChaserBoosts your ability to track down rebounds at greater distances than normal.
12MenaceWhile guarding and staying in front of an opponent, their attributes will drop if good defense is being played.
13Off Ball PestMakes your player more difficult to beat while defending off the ball. You can grab and hold your matchup to establish position and will receive increased stability when chasing your matchup around the court.
14Brick WallIncreases the effectiveness of screens and drains energy from opponents on physical contact. This badge makes it tougher for the defense to get through or around screens. Players hit by contact from a Brick Wall lose more energy than normal.
15Pogo StickAllows players to quickly recover and go back up for another jump upon landing. This could be after a rebound, block attempt, or jumpshot.
16Post LockdownStrengthens a player’s ability to effectively defend moves in the post, with an increased chance at stripping the ball from the opponent as they are making a move.

How to Get the Best Defense/Rebounding Badges?

RankBadgesHow to Get?
1GloveSteal: 64(Bronze)
Steal: 85(Silver)
Steal: 95(Gold)
Steal: 99(HoF)
2ClampsPerimeter Defense: 70(Bronze)
Perimeter Defense: 86(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 92(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 97(HoF)
3ChallengerPerimeter Defense: 69(Bronze)
Perimeter Defense: 79(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 86(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 95(HoF)
4AnchorBlock: 70(Bronze)
Block: 87(Silver)
Block: 93(Gold)
Block: 99(HoF)
5InterceptorSteal: 58(Bronze)
Steal: 78(Silver)
Steal: 90(Gold)
Steal: 99(HoF)
6Pick DodgerPerimeter Defense: 64(Bronze)
Perimeter Defense: 76(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 85(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 94(HoF)
7Work HorsePerimeter Defense: 47(Bronze)
Perimeter Defense: 55(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 76(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 86(HoF)
8Ankle BracesPerimeter Defense: 55(Bronze)
Perimeter Defense: 67(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 76(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 86(HoF)
9Boxout BeastStrength: 70(Silver)
Strength: 83(Gold)
Strength: 91(HoF)
10Chase Down ArtistBlock: 59(Silver)
Block: 75(Gold)
Block: 88(HoF)
11Rebound ChaserOffensive ReBound: 85(Silver)
Offensive ReBound: 93(Gold)
Offensive ReBound: 99(HoF)
12MenacePerimeter Defense: 55(Bronze)
Perimeter Defense: 68(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 77(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 87(HoF)
13Off Ball PestPerimeter Defense: 45(Silver)
Perimeter Defense: 55(Gold)
Perimeter Defense: 65(HoF)
14Brick WallStrength: 65(Bronze)
Strength: 76(Silver)
Strength: 86(Gold)
Strength: 91(HoF)
15Pogo StickBlock: 83(Silver)
Block: 92(Gold)
Block: 99(HoF)
16Post LockdownInterior Defense: 80(Silver)
Interior Defense: 88(Gold)
Interior Defense: 93(HoF)

What Defense/Rebounding Badge Should I Get First?

1. Best Badges For Interior Defenders
• Anchor
• Rebound Chaser
• Brick Wall
• Pogo Stick
• Post Lockdown

2. Best Badges For Perimeter Defenders
• Interceptor
• Glove
• Challenger
• Clamps
• Pick Dodger

Perhaps the only disappointing Badge would be Menace which, for the second year in a row, rarely activates in normal gameplay. Meanwhile, Boxout Beast and Work Horse are perhaps the two most underrated Badges in the category, as they are by no means flashy but can go a long way toward securing those 50/50 balls.

Once you equip these badges, it will be a very easy night for you and your team while playing MyCareer in NBA 2K23. To access more guides, updates, and NBA 2K23 buy MT, stay tuned to‘s news page.

How to Fix NBA 2K23 Error Code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C?

In NBA 2K23, one of the recent error codes many players receive is 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C. It’s already become a nuisance. If you are struggling with this error, here’s everything we know about NBA 2K23 Error Code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C and how you can attempt to fix this issue and get back in the game.

Error Code 4B538E50

What is Error Code EFEAB30C OR 4B538E50 in NBA 2K23?

One such glitch that seems to be a constant issue with NBA 2K games is the error code 4b538e50 or efeab30c. A common reason for these errors is that you don’t have the latest data downloaded. When that happens, you can’t continue to play until you’ve downloaded the most recent update.

Why am I Getting NBA 2K23 Error Code 4B538E50 and EFEAB30C?

You may encounter this error due to the exceeded amount of allowed NBA 2K accounts on your console. There may be some software blocking your connection to our servers. Also, you may get this error if reserved space has been cleared on your hard drive or your data is out of sync.

How to Fix NBA 2k23 Error Code EFEAB30C or 4B538E50?

There are a few methods you can try to fix the 4b538e50 or efeab30c codes:

1. Ensure the main server for NBA 2K23 is running fine. You can check the current status on Downdetector. If that is down due to scheduled maintenance or outage, the error should be fixed automatically once the server is back online.

2. Once more, confirm your email address.

3. Verify game file integrity by choosing the repair option on your platform.

4. Quit the game application, restart your console, and relaunch the NBA 2K23.

5. You can check if your internet connection is running fine and stable. You can also try to switch your connection from WiFi to a wired connection or vice versa.

6. Reset your wireless router or modem and use a wired ethernet connection to your console if possible.

7. Verify that you have downloaded and installed the most recent NBA 2K23 update.

8. If playing on PC, check for antivirus software, VPN, or firewall that could interfere with the game’s internet connection, and check background apps that could be using your computer’s resources.

9. Uninstall NBA 2K23 in full and reinstall the game.

Following these steps should be enough to resolve any issues related to the above error code. For more information or guides and to buy cheap MT 2K23, please check out the news page of

How to Change Animations & MyPlayer Nickname in NBA 2K23?

NBA 2K23 has a range of customization options, and you can select the player’s height, weight, position, wingspan, attributes, and other details. However, you can also change some of the content. This article will provide tips for players who want to change animations & MyPlayer nickname for themselves in NBA 2K23.

How to Change Animations in NBA 2K23?

Change Animations

The following step-by-step guide will show you precisely what you need to do to change your animations in “MyCareer” mode:

  1. Hit the Start button to bring up the MyCareer Menu.
  2. Scroll over to the “MyPlayer” option on the main menu.
  3. Then, select the “Animations” tab.
  4. Alter your Animations between “Gameplay” and “Showoff.”
    • Gameplay Animations: Scoring, Playmaking, and In-Game Celebrations.
    • Showoff Animations: Intros/Outros, City Emotes, and City Dribble Emotes.
  5. To buy Animations, simply go to the Animations Store.
  6. Prices for animations vary depending on your animation type. Prices vary from the low cost of free to upwards of 1,000 Virtual Currency (A currency similar to the 2K23 MT).

How to Change MyPlayer Nickname in NBA 2K23?

Change MyPlayer Nickname

Here’s how to change your MyCareer Nickname in NBA 2K23:

  1. You must play through the Summer League quest and reach the NBA.
  2. Now, head into The City and pull up the main menu.
  3. Once the menu comes up, tab through the options till you reach the last one, called Options/Quit.
  4. Under the Options/Quit window on the left-hand side, click on Settings.
  5. And finally, go to the Secondary Nickname. This will be the third option from the top.
  6. Under Secondary Nickname, you will find awesome names, like:
    • Mr.Clutch
    • Mr. Fundamentals
    • Mr. Incredible
    • Mr. Moves
    • P
    • Pres
    • Prime Time
    • Q
    • Rain Man
    • Red Hot
    • Shake n’ Bake
    • Shorty
    • Silk
    • Skinny
    • Slim
    • Smooth
    • Speedy
    • T
    • The Beast
    • The Bodyguard
    • The Bulldozer
  7. Determine what your nickname will be from the given choices.
  8. While there are plenty of options, they are all predetermined.

This concludes our guide on changing Animations & MyPlayer Nickname in NBA 2K23. Like what you see? If so, stick around for more NBA 2K23-related content—including but not limited to how to get traded in MyCareer and how to change shot timing—while also visiting here to check out more guides.

NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenges: How to Complete & Rewards

NBA 2K23’s biggest draw is probably the return of the iconic Jordan Challenge, but these challenges can be tedious to perfect. Today, we will prepare you by telling you how to complete all Michael Jordan challenges and claim the rewards.

Jordan Challenges rewards

What is the Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23?

The Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23 consists of 15 game experiences covering the most iconic moments of the star’s illustrious career from start to end.

Your goal is to get a 3-star rating on the challenges for a total star rating of at least 40 out of 45 to complete the Jordan Challenge successfully.

All 15 NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenges

Here are the 15 games that are included in NBA 2K23’s Jordan Challenge:

1. 1982 NCAA National Championship – UNC vs. Georgetown
• Michael Jordan’s championship-winning ways start as a 19-year-old freshman at North Carolina, when he hits the most important shot in the 1982 NCAA Championship Game.

2. 1984 Team USA Basketball Scrimmage
• As a warm-up to the 1984 Olympics, Michael Jordan leads the all-amateur ’84 Team USA squad to victory over a collection of NBA stars in front of a record crowd in Indianapolis, IN.

3. 1986 Easter Conference First Round, Game 2 – Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics
• Michael Jordan becomes a global household name when he drops an NBA-playoff record 63 points, a record that still stands today, vs. the star-studded Celtics.

4. 1988 NBA All-Star Game
• Asserting himself as one of the NBA’s elite showmen, Michael Jordan earns MVP honors by stuffing the stat sheet and hitting clutch shots in a 138-133 East All-Stars win.

5. 1989 Eastern Conference First Round, Game 5 – Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
• “The Shot,” which knocked the Cleveland Cavaliers out of the ’89 Eastern Conference Playoffs, is one of the most iconic moments of Michael Jordan’s career.

6. 1990 – Chicago Bulls vs. Atlanta Hawks
• Two of the NBA’s most spectacular dunkers and elite scorers in Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins go at each other, bringing the crowd to their feet with their awe-inspiring theatrics.

7. 1990 – Chicago Bulls vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
• Michael Jordan, with a bit of extra motivation, drops a career-high 69 points in a 117-113 regular season win over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

8. 1990 Eastern Conference Finals, Game 3 – Chicago Bulls vs. Detroit Pistons
• Fighting through a gameplan dubbed the “Jordan Rules” by the very-physical Detroit Pistons, Jordan scores 47 and leads the Bulls to a victory in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals.

9. 1991 NBA Finals, Game 5 – Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers
• Taking what the defense gives him, Michael Jordan not only scores 30 but sets his teammates up for a number of open looks on his way to defeating the Lakers for his first NBA Championship.

10. 1992 NBA Finals, Game 1 (AKA “The Shrug” Game) – Chicago Bulls vs. Portland Trailblazers
• In the first game of the 1992 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan steps out of his comfort zone and hits six first-half threes on his way to 35 points and a blowout victory over the Portland Trail Blazers.

11. 1995 – Chicago Bulls vs. New York Knicks
• Michael Jordan proves he is officially “back” from retirement by putting on a show in New York, scoring 55 points in a regular season win over the New York Knicks.

12. 1996 NBA Finals, Game 5 – Chicago Bulls vs. Seattle Supersonics
• In an emotional performance on Father’s Day, Michael Jordan caps a record 72-win season by winning his fourth title, dedicating the championship to his father, who passed away three years earlier.

13. 1997 NBA Finals, Game 5 (AKA “The Flu Game”) – Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz
• Adding to his legend as a relentless competitor, Michael Jordan fights through flu-like symptoms to will his team to victory over the Utah Jazz in a critical fifth game of the 1997 NBA Finals.

14. 1997 – Chicago Bulls vs. Los Angeles Lakers (AKA Jordan vs. Kobe)
• In their first true duel, the proven Michael Jordan and the up-and-coming Kobe Bryant go toe-to-toe, with Jordan coming out on top, keeping the future superstar at arm’s length.

15. 1998 NBA Finals, Game 6 (AKA “The Last Dance” Game) – Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz
• In a storybook ending, Michael Jordan hits the game-winning shot in the sixth game of the ’98 Finals, giving him his sixth title and cementing his legacy as the greatest to ever play the game.

How to Complete all Michael Jordan Challenges in NBA 2K23?

Game 1. A Star is Born

• Win with 16 points
• Get 9 rebounds in total

Game 2. Go Next

• Win with 12 points
• Win the game by 15 or more points

Game 3. The Arrival

• Win with 63 points
• Get 6 assists in total

Game 4. Stars of Stars

• Win with 40 points
• Get 8 rebounds
• Get 3 assists

Game 5. The Shot

• Win the game
• Perform “The shot” quick time event flawlessly
• Juke Larry Nance

Game 6. Shootout

• Win with 40 points
• Hold Dominique Wilkins under 20 points
• Score more points than Dominique Wilkins

Game 7. 69 Points

• Win with 69 points
• Achieve a shot percentage of 50% or better from the field

Game 8. Bad Boys

• Win with 47 points
• Get 10 rebounds
• Get 4 assists

Game 9. Start of a Dynasty

• Win with 30 points
• Achieve a shot percentage of 50% or better from the field
• Get 4 assists
• Grab 4 rebounds

Game 10. The Shrug

• Win with 39 points
• Hold Clyde Drexler under 17 points
• Score 6 three-pointers within the first half

Game 11. Double Nickel

• Win with 55 points
• Hold John Starks under 2 three-pointers

Game 12. Father’s Day Victory

• Win with 22 points
• Get 9 rebounds
• Get 12 or more assists

Game 13. The Flu Game

• Win with 38 points
• Get 7 rebounds
• Get 5 assists

Game 14. Pass the Torch

• Win with 36 points
• Hold Kobe Bryant under 20 points
• Win by 10 or more points

Game 16. The Last Dance

• Win with 45 points
• Hold Jeff Hornacek under 15 points

NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge Rewards: Full List

Here are all of the rewards that players can earn by playing the Jordan Challenge in NBA 2K23:

• UNC Jordan Jersey (MyCareer)
• Jordan Calf Sleeve (MyCareer)
• Jumpman Gold Necklace (MyCareer)
• Jordan Coach Card (MyTeam)
• Jordan FA Card (MyTeam)
• ’95-’97 Bulls Alt Jersey (MyTeam)

This is everything you need to know about how to complete all Michael Jordan challenges in NBA 2K23. We hope this guide was informative to you. Visit here to check out our other NBA 2K23 content, like how to buy NBA 2K23 MT, how to dunk, and how to travel fast.