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How to Fix NBA 2K22?

In NBA 2K22 communities, forums, and social networking sites, we’ve seen players asking for solutions to various bugs, crashes, and no-working problems. In this post, we will discuss what you can do if the NBA 2K22 goes error, crashes, or is no-working.

Fix NBA 2K22

How to fix NBA 2K22 Career Mode not working?

1. Restart the game

The probability is high that some temporary error is causing the Career Mode not to work. The best way to get rid of such an error is to restart the application.

2. Manually save the game progress

Players have reported that whenever they try to save the ongoing process in the game, the saving option appears for less than even a second. So, if you are encountering this problem, you can try to trigger the save interface manually.

3. Verify integrity of the game files

Another primary reason why the NBA 2K22 career mode is not working is damaged or missing game files. You can fix the damaged game files or even replace the lost files.

To do so, follow the below steps:

• Launch the Steam client on your system.
• Click on the Library option present at the top left corner.
• Right-click on NBA 2K22 and choose the Properties option.
• Click on the Local Files option present at the left panel of the screen.
• In the following window, tap on Verify integrity of game files option.
• If Steam finds any corrupted file, it will replace it with the working one. And, if there’s any missing file, Steam will automatically download it.
• Once the process is complete, launch NBA 2K22 on your system and check if it makes any difference.

4. Turn off the Steam overlay

NBA 2K22 uses overlay technology to offer some exclusive features. But it can also cause different issues in the game. So, you can try disabling Steam overlay and check if it makes any difference.

To do so, follow the below steps:

• Launch Steam on your system, and choose the Library option.
• Right-click on NBA 2K22 and select the Properties option.
• In the following window, tap on the General option present at the left panel of the screen.
• Uncheck the Enable the Steam Overlay while in-game option.
• Save the changes, and relaunch NBA 2K22 on your system.

5. Clear NBA 2K22 cache data

A considerable amount of Cache data is another primary reason why the career mode is not working in NBA 2K22. So you will have to clear the game cache data.

6. Reinstall the game

If none of those mentioned above workarounds helped you solve the problem, the last thing you can try is to reinstall the game.

How to fix NBA 2K22 error code 4b538e50?

NBA 2K22 error code 4b538e50

1. Check your downloads

Whether you’re on a console or PC, you’ll need to check your active downloads to see if NBA 2K22 still has files to download. If that’s the case, you’ll need to wait until the game finishes the downloading process.

2. Confirm your account

An unconfirmed account can cause you to receive the 4b538e50 error,

To ensure your account’s email is verified, follow the below steps:

• Head over to NBA 2K’s official website
• Sign in to your account through the panel toward the top right corner of your screen
• Once you log in, your account will automatically be verified

3. Don’t try creating more than five accounts on a single console

All players can only create five accounts on a single console. If you make more than five, the server access for the additional ones will be disallowed.

4. Reset your router and gaming device

Connectivity problems and software bugs can also cause this error to happen. Resetting your router will be helpful to troubleshoot any connectivity problems that may have occurred due to your ISP. Doing the same for your gaming device will accomplish a similar goal.

5. Reinstall NBA 2K22

In rare cases, corrupted game files may cause you to receive the error code 4b538e50. Completely deleting 2K22 and reinstalling it will be the only way.

How to fix error code 727e66ac in NBA 2K22?

error code 727e66ac

1. Check the NBA 2K22’s server status

When the servers are completely down, no troubleshooting method will allow you to get back into the game. You’ll need to wait for the servers to come back online so you can use the online features of NBA 2K22 again.

2. Restart your router

If you’re receiving the 727e66ac error in NBA 2K22 and the servers are doing just fine, then it may be time to troubleshoot your home network. Restarting your router is one of the easiest and fastest ways to troubleshoot your home network.

3. Try out a different connection type

If there’s a more complex reason behind your connectivity problems, you may need to use your cellular data plan by enabling the hotspot feature on your phone.

4. Change your DNS addresses

Most players generally use the default DNS addresses assigned by their ISPs, and they can also go down. One of the best ways to troubleshoot your DNS addresses will be by changing them to commercially available ones.

5. Create a new MyPlayer in MyCareer

If the error only shows up when you select your player in MyCareer, then you should try creating a new one.

6. Check if there are any available updates

It’s highly recommended to check for NBA 2K22 updates and install the latest version.

How to fix NBA 2K22 Crashing Issue on Xbox Series X|S?

While the reason behind the crash is still unknown, YouTuber Nvad found a simple fix that quickly allows players to bypass the error. According to Nvad, if you keep hitting the upward button on the D-Pad, you can avoid the menu screen causing all the problems and stopping the game from crashing.

How to fix NBA 2K22 Current-Gen Elevator Bug?

Here’s how to access the Lobby or the Rec for those who are still running into the Elevator bug:

1. Go to the Elevator menu and select the Promenade shopping area, located at the front part of Deck 4.

2. Run to the other elevator on the opposite side of the Promenade shopping area.

3. When the “Enter Lobby” prompt pops up, keep spamming the X/A button until you reach the Lobby.

This is everything you will need to know about how to fix the NBA 2K22. Also, for more NBA 2K22 fixes, guides, updates, or to buy NBA2K22 MT, please visit here.


NBA 2K22: How to Unlock Lifetime Rewards Darrell Griffith and DeAndre Jordan?

2K Sports has added free cards like Diamond Darrell Griffith and DeAndre Jordan to NBA 2K22’s Objective system in Lifetime Rewards. They don’t need NBA 2K22 MT Coins to buy them. Unlocking them is critical if you’re looking to be a “no money spent” MyTeam player.

How to unlock Lifetime Rewards Darrell Griffith?

To get Darrell Griffith, you need to complete nine different objectives. Here are the objectives:

1Score 50 points with Jazz players over multiple gamesEmerald Darrell Griffith
2Make 25 dunks with Emerald Darrell Griffith over mutliple gamesRuby Darrell Griffith
3Score 200 points with Ruby Darrell Griffith over multiple gamesGold Shoe Pack
4Score 75 points with Ruby Darrell Griffith over multiple Multiplayer gamesPlaymaker Badge Pack
5Score 41 points with Ruby Darrell Griffith in a single gameFive Tokens
6Get 10 steals with any Darrell Griffith over multiple games750 MT
7Make 92 three-pointers with SGs over mutliple gamesSharpshooter Badge Pack
8Win 10 games of Triple Threat Offline using three Jazz playersDeluxe League Award Pack
9Win five games with Triple Threat Online using three Jazz playersColossal Award Pack

Please Note: Some of the later objectives can only be finished with rewards from completing early objectives. Make sure you focus on the first two objectives first to make sure you can get through this as quickly as possible.

How to unlock Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan?

You also need to complete nine different objectives to get Jordan into your squad. Here are the objectives:

1Get five rebounds with Clippers players in a single gameSapphire Lifetime Rewards DeAndre Jordan
2Win three Triple Threat Offline games using three Clippers players750 MT
3Make 10 dunks with any DeAndre Jordan over multiple Triple Threat or Triple Threat Online gamesSlasher Badge Pack
4Get nine blocks with any DeAndre Jordan over multiple gamesRim Protector Badge Pack
5Score 20 points and get two blocks with Sapphire Lifetime Reward DeAndre Jordan in a single gameAmethyst Lifetime Reward DeAndre Jordan
6Win a game using five Maverick players750 MT
7Get 27 rebounds with Amethyst Lifetime Reward DeAndred Jordan over multiple gamesBadge Award Pack
8Score 30 points with any DeAndre Jordan over mutliple Multiplayer gamesFive Tokens
9Make 75 dunks with Centers over multiple gamesDunktober Deluxe Award Pack

It’s important to note that you won’t do some of the later objectives without first unlocking cards from earlier objectives. So, do your best to focus on the first few objectives early to give yourself the quickest path through the set.

Once you finish all of that, you’ll finally unlock Lifetime Rewards Darrell Griffith and DeAndre Jordan. Want to get more free cards in NBA 2K22? Please continue to visit here.

NBA 2K22: How to Change MyCareer Affiliation and Difficulty?

The MyCareer mode in NBA 2K22 is considered the best sports fantasy experience gamers can have. This guide will show you how you can change your MyCareer Affiliation and Difficulty in NBA 2K22.

How to Change MyCareer Affiliation in NBA 2K22?


First off, there are four different affiliations that you can join in The City:

• Western Wildcats
• Beasts of the East
• Northside Knights
• South City Vipers

You’ll automatically join one of the four when you start MyCareer mode. This is set randomly by the game. If you’re not happy with the group that you’ve been placed in, you’re able to switch at any time.

To change affiliations, head over to the City Hall of the faction you want to join. They will all be marked clearly on your map. Speak to the guards there and select Affiliation Transfer Request.

Let’s say you were put in the North Side Knights, but you want to go to the Beasts Of The East City Affiliation. Go to the Town Hall of Beasts Of The East, from there, and you will have to walk up to the Security Guards of the Town Hall and talk to them. This will open a prompt where you can send an Affiliation Transfer Request. This Request allows you to change your City Affiliation to the Town Hall you are in. The other three City Affiliations will be shown in the prompt, but only one will be highlighted in the Beasts Of The East. When you confirm to transfer Affiliations, it will ask you two options. One will be to Stay Loyal to your current City Affiliation and Submit a Transfer Request. Select the second option to transfer City Affiliations.

The game will transfer you, and you’ll be able to roam around The City as part of your new faction while accessing their affiliation-themed courts.

How to Change MyCareer Difficulty in NBA 2K22?

Change MyCareer Difficulty

Here, we will teach you how to modify MyCareer Difficulty to see how complicated you want the game:

1). Skipping to the NBA

First of all, you’ll need to be in the NBA to access the option to change the difficulty in MyCareer mode. The fastest way to get to the NBA is to complete the very first quest given to you as soon as you enter MyCareer.

Speak to your friend again after the intro cutscene, and he’ll send you to speak with two other main characters from previous NBA 2K MyCareer modes, AI and Che. One will talk to you about joining the G League, and the other will suggest NCAA basketball in college.

They’re found at the two quest locations below — one near the Kobe icon and the other near the team practice facility.

Return to your friend in the apartment after speaking to them both, and instead of choosing the G League or college, tell him that you want to declare for the NBA Draft.

It should be noted that you’ll miss out on bonus training time, VC, 2K22 MT, and other rewards if you decide to skip the G League and college NCAA experiences. But this is the fastest way to get to the NBA.

2). Changing the Difficulty

Once you’ve made it to the NBA, open the MyCareer menu, go to the Options/Quit tab, and select Settings. From there, you can adjust the difficulty and choose one that works best for you.

Now that you know how to change MyCareer affiliation and difficulty in NBA 2K22, you can try them out in the game. Be sure to click here for more tips, tricks, and gameplay pointers if you need any more info.

NBA 2K22 Season 4: How To Reach Level 40 & Earn Legend Status?

Legend status is a new addition to NBA 2K22, as of the start of Season 4 on January 14, but it’s a reward that only certain players can earn this season. Here’s how you can get Legend status in NBA 2K22 Season 4.

How to earn Legend Status?

Legend Status

The only way to earn Legend Status in The City and MyTEAM is by reaching Level 40 in NBA 2K22 for four seasons in the open-world environment.

Players do not have to reach level 40 in consecutive seasons, but level 40 must be reached in four separate seasons. While this is no easy task, players have a little over a month each season to reach level 40.

How to reach Level 40?

Level 40

The easiest way to reach Level 40 in Season 4 of NBA 2K22 is by completing the quests that refresh every week throughout the season. There are also many opportunities to earn XP by competing in various games around The City, such as Rooftops. Thankfully, one of the updates to Season 4 has also made vehicle travel easier, allowing players to get from activity to activity more quickly as well.

Players should keep updated with the latest available locker codes in NBA 2K22, as these rewards can also sometimes help earn them more XP quickly. Of course, it also comes with other rewards like NBA 2K22 MT, VC, Tokens, Packs, etc.

To level up fast in NBA 2K22 MyCareer, the most popular method has been to win games in the Rec while putting up good teammate grades. While playing solo queueing for games in the Rec is something I’m sure many are aware is a mixed bag — your random teammates can range from godly defenders to toxic liabilities — if you can get a team of five who knows what they are doing, leveling up should be a breeze.

To earn a lot of XP quickly, players can use an XP coin or hope for a double XP daily spin reward and then head to the Park to play a lot of games. 2 vs. 2 games go rather quickly and give players more of a chance to produce more stats to help level up. However, playing at your home Affiliation court will earn 20% more XP, so it may be worth it to play at those courts.

Season 4 of NBA 2K22 includes new challenges and Agenda tasks for players to complete and introduces double Signature Challenges in a MyTEAM Season. Players committed enough to reach Level 40 in Seasons one through three and complete the Unlimited Showdown Tier in Season 3 will already have Level 40 unlocked in Season 4 if they haven’t logged in since it began. Ending the Season 3 Unlimited Showdown Tier in NBA 2K22 earned players 150,000 XP when Season 4 began, meaning there are likely already a few players who have Legend Status unlocked.

If you need some help with obtaining XP and moving up the level chain, we have a primer on some tips that you can visit here. Of course, you can also check out other NBA 2K22 guides and updates here.

NBA 2K22: How to Dunk?

In NBA 2k22, you can perform various Dunks, regardless of your basketball skill level. The only problem is mastering the dunk in NBA 2K22 isn’t as easy as we think. So, to give you a little hand, here’s our guide on how to dunk, how to use the dunk meter, and how to perform a contact dunk in NBA 2K22.

How to Dunk

How to dunk in NBA 2K22?

To perform a dunk in NBA 2K22, press RT (Xbox)/R2 (PlayStation) while moving your player close to the basket with the left stick. From there, move and hold the right stick up, and the player that you are controlling will perform a two-handed dunk.

You can perform a few other dunks in NBA 2K22, such as a dominant dunk or a flashy dunk. Here are those controls:

• Dominant (or off-hand) dunk – Press RT/R2 + move and hold the right stick up left or right in close range (the direction of the right stick determines dunking hand).
• Aggressive dunk – Press RT/R2 + move and hold the right stick down while driving in close range (with left stick), release right stick to finish the dunk.

How to use the Dunk Meter in NBA 2K22?

To use the dunk meter in NBA 2k22, all you need to do is follow the instructions mentioned earlier in this guide to make dunks during matches. However, just as you are about to dunk, you will notice an icon popping up.

As you pull the right joystick towards you, you will notice that the Dunk Meter will begin to fill up in a clockwise direction in yellow. You will also find that this meter has a green area with a white line in its middle. This green region is the one you need to aim for to get the perfect dunk. When doing so, try to get as close as possible to the white line. This will help you get a guaranteed dunk each time.

That being said, missing the green region in this meter will result in a completely messed up dunk. This makes it extremely important to master the meter. That should not be a stressful task because you will eventually get the gist of the Dunk Meter and how you can ace it in every game with a little bit of practice.

How to perform a contact dunk in NBA 2K22?

There are a few stat requirements to perform contact dunks with a MyPlayer in NBA 2K22. Players should keep these minimum requirements in mind when creating their players for the first time. Some contact dunks require certain heights, driving dunk rating, and vertical rating. Here are all the contact dunk packages and the requirements to equip them.

• Pro contacts: 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical.
• Elite contacts: 92+ Driving Dunk and 80+ Vertical.
• Small contacts: 86+ Driving Dunk, 85+ Vertical, and you have to be Under 6’5″.
• Pro standing big man contacts: 80+ Standing Dunk, 65+ Vertical, and you have to be at least 6’10”.
• Elite standing big man contacts: 90+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Vertical, and you have to be at least 6’10”.
• Pro alley oops: 70+ Driving Dunk and 30+ Vertical.
• Elite alley oops: 85+ Driving Dunk and 60+ Vertical.
• Pro contact alley oops: 84+ Driving Dunk and 70+ Vertical.
• Elite contact alley oops: 92+ Driving Dunk and 80+ Vertical.
• Small contact alley oops: 86+ Driving Dunk, 85+ Vertical, and you have to be Under 6’5″.
• Big man contact alley oops: 85+ Standing Dunk, 75+ Driving Dunk, 60+ Vertical, and you have to be at least 6’10”.

Hence, for example, a player can only pull off an elite level contact dunk if he has a driving dunk rating of 92+ along with a vertical rating of 80+. Only the players who fulfill the above requirements will be able to pull off the moves in-game, which means that gone are the days where stars who virtually never dunk in real life can pull off perfect slam dunks in NBA 2K.

Hence, in NBA 2K22, players will need to have the following specific ratings to pull of the slam dunk moves, except the small contact moves mentioned above: Driving Dunk: 92+, Standing Dunk: 90+, Vertical: 80+, Height: At Least 6’10”. Any player who fulfills the above rating requirements will be able to pull off all the dunks mentioned above, except the small contact ones that require players to be less than 6’5″.

Now that you know how to score the perfect dunk. In the meantime, visit here to check out some other NBA 2K22 news, guides and buy MyTeam points 2K22.

Is Buying 2K22 MT Allowed?

buy NBA 2K22 MT

2K allows players to buy NBA 2K22 MT because you’re purchasing mt points, which, in turn, means you’ll play longer and proved by facts that there have been no players get banned for buying legit NBA 2K22 MT.

Nonetheless, this article will cover some crucial considerations and things you must verify before purchasing NBA 2K22 MT.

1. Choose a Professional Top-ranked Online Shop

It’s essential to choose a professional top-ranked online shop for trading. If you buy cheap NBA 2K22 MT, which is stolen, hacked, or exploited, 2K can ban your account for that. To avoid it, choose a shop with a good reputation and a high level of security. Such websites offer MT points from legit supply sources. However, how to select a professional top-ranked online shop?

1). Look For Reviews On The Internet

Any company that has been in operation for a few years and sold thousands of NBA 2K MT to customers will have a rising number of reviews on independent websites. Make sure to read online evaluations on these websites because corporations and scammers have no control over them.

Keep an eye out for genuine reviews, as it is straightforward to provide positive feedback. Honest reviewers will have written evaluations for other businesses as well. If you see that a reviewer’s account was created recently solely to write a single favorable review, you’re dealing with a red flag.

2). Determine If the Price is Cheap

The MyTEAM points are a kind of virtual item, so there isn’t a quality difference between different stores. The price is the priority. Therefore, you should choose a reliable web page, which offers you the most competitive prices compared to other web pages. However, this does not mean that you would take the services of a website that provides you MT points at the lowest prices through an insecure network. It can put your confidential purchase information in danger, and maybe it can be used for illicit activities. You can visit multiple NBA 2K22 MT suppliers to find the cheapest one.

3). Delivery Of NBA 2K22 MT

Quick support means you can resolve problems quickly. Most importantly, this means that you can start playing the game as soon as you buy it.

If it takes more than 24 hours for your package to arrive, something is amiss. It’s aggravating to have to wait a long time to receive access to the MT points you’ve paid for. To avoid this, inquire how long it will take for the seller to transfer the MT points to you.

4). Determine Which Payment Methods A Seller Accepts


There is another rule of thumb to remember when trying to buy NBA 2K22 MT points, and there is another rule of thumb to remember. Suppose you’re unfamiliar with a seller’s or a website’s payment alternatives. In that case, determine what other websites utilize as their payment methods.

Also, be aware of sellers that ask you to wire money directly to a foreign or unfamiliar bank account rather than using a safe payment method. Getting your cashback will be difficult if your payment methods aren’t secure and verified. Getting your money back will be difficult.

5). Personal Information Protection

Your NBA 2K22 MT seller must demonstrate that your data is safe. In most circumstances, you’ll have to pay with a credit card while making a purchase. It will necessitate giving the merchant your card details for payments.

Only purchase your MT points from a seller who uses modern SSL encryption technology to ensure that your credit card information is not misused.

6). Determine If the Buying Process is Simple

The purchase process must be quick, simple, and efficient. There are no forms to fill out or complex registrations. Players buy NBA 2K22 MT to hope they can enter the game as soon as possible. Therefore, the whole purchase process must be fast and straightforward!

7). Reliability Of The Website

Another thing you must look at is the UI design of the website, and it shows how experienced their program developers are. It would help if you chose a provider with a user-friendly interface and higher operating speed.

8). Helpful Sales Team

Customer service is one of the cornerstones of a genuine firm, and it necessitates a helpful sales crew. These pros will be more than delighted to provide free advice. Whether it’s supplying MT points or addressing a specific question, the customer service team is there to help the consumer get out of trouble.

Emails from a trustworthy company will be answered within hours. They also provide live chat services, allowing you to communicate with a customer support agent right away.

2. Choose a secure password

Don’t use words in the dictionary. Create a unique combination of letters, numbers, special characters, and uppercase letters.

3. Don’t share your login with anyone

Not even your closest friends and relatives. You can’t control how they use your information or how secure their systems may be.

4. Beware of scams and free offers

Anything that looks incredible can be fake. Check the information in the web address and email address to verify the sender’s identity. 2K Sports will never ask you for login information.


Therefore, you should refer to the tips above to detect any signs of fraud. Also, there are many NBA 2K22 MT sellers on the market now, so you need to select carefully among them. At this time, U4GM.COM is highly recommended because it is legit and experienced. They deal with only reliable providers who get NBA 2K22 MT points manually. Buying from them is legitimate, which is proven by 0 ban records. Their online shop offers a straightforward way of making orders, simple checkout, fast and secure delivery, and attractive prices. In addition, if you have any problems during the purchase process, their professional staff will help you solve them. If there is an error in the order, they will also provide a refund policy to reduce your loss.

How to Fix NBA 2K22 Error Code 727e66ac?

Error Code 727e66ac in NBA 2K22 is a network connection error that blocks players from logging into the game and playing online. However, how to fix this issue in NBA 2K22. To fix the 727e66ac Error Code, you can be fixed with a few different steps:

NBA 2K22 Error Code 727e66ac

1. Check the NBA 2K22’s server status

When the servers are completely down, no troubleshooting method will allow you to get back into the game. Checking the game’s server status can save you time since you won’t need to apply any troubleshooting methods when servers are down for maintenance. You’ll need to wait for the servers to come back online so you can use the online features of NBA 2K22 again.

2. Check in with community hubs

Players often create threads on community hubs, like Reddit, to ensure that the error they’re experiencing isn’t only affecting them. Keeping up with the community can also allow players to become one of the first people to jump back into the game when the servers are online since they will be notified by other players’ messages. On rare occasions, it’ll also be possible to run into temporary fixes that might be able to fix the 727e66ac error in NBA 2K22 on these platforms.

3. Restart your router

Error Code 727e66ac

If you’re receiving the 727e66ac error in NBA 2K22 and the servers are doing just fine, then it may be time to troubleshoot your home network. Restarting your router is one of the easiest and fastest ways to troubleshoot your home network, re-establishing the connection route between you and your internet service provider (ISP.)

4. Try out a different connection type

If there’s a more complex reason behind your connectivity problems, you may need to try an alternative connection method to see. It’s through using your cellular data plan by enabling the hotspot feature on your phone. If you can log into NBA 2K22 without any problems with your cellular data, then you might want to call your ISP to see if they can detect anything off. Your ISP will be able to run a diagnostic on your home connection and may even be able to roll out a fix on their end to solve the problem.

5. Checking Open Network ports

Another thing you can do to fix the NBA 2K22 Error Code 727e66ac is to look for your network ports. The PS Network usually uses some preset Network Ports. Try choosing between either of the ones from the list given below:

• (TCP) Port 465
• Port 983 (TCP)
• Port 1935 (TCP)
• 3478 (TCP)
• 3479 (TCP)
• 3480 (TCP)
• Port 3478 (UDP)
• Port 3479 (UDP)
• 10070 – 10080 (TCP)

6. Change your DNS addresses

DNS servers can also go down at times, causing connectivity problems like sluggish connection speeds and an unstable network. One of the best ways to troubleshoot your DNS addresses will be by changing them to commercially available ones. Using Google or OpenDNS should suffice, and if you can connect to NBA 2K without any problems with your DNS servers, then you should stick with the new ones for a while.

7. Create a new MyPlayer in MyCareer

This is a pretty lengthy step but has successfully worked in the past. Creating a new player character usually solves these issues in the game. Once you do so, load up the game and then quit back to the main menu. Now, choose your old player profile again and load it. This will fix the network issue.

8. Check if there are any available updates

Most games now function on an online platform. Usually, there are regular updates for each. In such a case, it is essential to ensure that the game has all the new information from the devs. So, update the game whenever possible.

This is everything you will need to know about fixing the NBA 2K22 Error Code 727e66ac. In addition, please continue to visit here; we will continue to help you solve the problems encountered in NBA 2K22. Of course, we also sell NBA 2K22 MT and provide you with low prices, safe and fast service.

How Can I Level Up Fast in NBA 2K22 Season 3?

NBA 2K22 Season 3 has arrived, which means you need to start to get to Level 40 is on. But how to get to Level 40 faster? Here is everything you need to know to level up quickly in NBA 2K22 Season 3.

level up

Level Up Fast in NBA 2K22 MyTEAM

In Season 3, the MyTEAM Level 40 reward is a Galaxy Opal Allen Iverson. However, how to level up quickly and earn all the available rewards?

However, certain single-player modes aren’t offering any XP in Season 3. The standout mode is Domination, so you can cut out Domination games unless you want some practice and get lots of NBA 2k22 mt points. Just remember, each Domination game uses much-needed contracts.

You should focus on these Challenges and game modes instead:

• Play 40 Triple Threat Online Games – Total XP = 5,000 XP
• Play 40 Unlimited Games – Total XP = 6,000 XP
• Play 40 Limited Games – Total XP = 6,000 XP
• Play 50 Clutch Time Games – Total XP = 6,250 XP

The main focus for grinding XP in Season 3 is competing in Online Multiplayer modes, Clutch Time is the new NBA 2K22 MyTEAM game mode, and the good thing is you don’t need to win these games; just play them.

Level Up Fast in NBA 2K22 MyCAREER

There are going to be tons of events going on in MyCAREER Season 3, and some of the Daily Challenges will provide an XP Boost that you can use towards leveling up as well.

Here are the current Season 3 Quests you can complete in NBA 2K22 MyCAREER and their rewards:

• The Market – +1000 MVP Points, 1,500 VC, Season Level XP, Player Banner
• 3V3 Park Games – +1,000 MVP Points, 1,500 VC, Season Level XP, Racing Helmet
• Rec Center Games – +1,000 MVP Points, 1,500 VC, Season Level XP, Racing Suit
• The Old Gym – +1,000 MVP Points, 1,500 VC, Season Level XP, Player Banner

Make sure you compete in the Race of the Week for Season 3 as well; if you manage to get the number one spot, you’ll get 1,000,000 VC to spend in MyTEAM and MyCAREER.

That’s everything you need to know about how to level up quickly in NBA 2K22 Season 3. Want to see the season 3 rewards or something? Please click here, and we will update the new content here.

How To Get NBA 2K22 MT Fast?

nba 2k22 mt

There are a few ways to farm NBA 2K22 MT Coins: complete challenges and obtain rewards in different game modes, sell your unwanted player for an incredible number of MT coins, and redeem a Locker Code for NBA 2K22 MyTeam coins, etc. While grinding MT in-game by yourself is a long-term process, if you want to get enough 2K22 MT in a short time, the fastest and safest way is to buy NBA 2K22 MT coins from a reliable store like U4GM.COM! As a professional NBA 2K MT supplier established for many years, it has excellent quality in all aspects.

The fastest NBA 2K22 MT delivery speed

fast delivery

The inventory of U4GM is extremely rich. No matter how many NBA 2K22 MT players need, they can meet the needs of players.

They offer MT points 24 hours every day, with 120 seconds delivery time. There may be a slight delay outside this time frame, but it’s less than 12 hours delivery guarantee. According to previous data, over 90% of orders can be successfully delivered within 5 minutes. They leave the competition behind.

Also, they’re so fast because of the Live Stock feature – they only sell the NBA 2K MT points they have.

Bonus NBA 2K22 MT for every order

u4gm vip

Many players hope to gain an advantage in price, then U4GM can satisfy your idea of high quality and low price.

First, they check with the Market Prices every day to provide you with the best prices.

And each registered user has a 1% bonus available to him. Signing up is everything that one needs to receive a reward.

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How to Get XP Fast and Level Up in NBA 2K22?

Rising the XP in NBA 2K22 is a long and challenging grind but can easily be optimized with the right strategy. This guide will teach you how to get XP fast and level up in NBA 2K22.

get xp

Buy Players in the Auction House

When you first start, look for players in the Auction House who are available for a low price. Level them up with the tokens you’ve earned. Playing on a solid team will boost your XP per hour ratio.

Play Park Games in the City or the Neighborhood

The best way to earn XP quickly is to play many Park games in the City or the Neighborhood. Park games are typically pretty fast and include 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3 games. Playing park games will earn XP quickly if players can get in on games without too much wait.

Play REC and Pro-Am Games

Other game types that will award a lot of XP are REC and Pro-Am games. These games are longer and have more opportunities to put up quality stats and earn a good teammate grade. Players can also earn a little XP from Old Gym games but awards less than other game types. However, since the Old Gym requires no squad to join, it can be a quick way to get into a game without waiting or playing solo.

Complete the Season Agendas

In general, you would think that getting XP is as simple as playing any game mode in MyTeam, but this is not the case. In MyTeam, you must accomplish tasks to earn XP. Of course, it also includes other rewards, such as 2K22 MT, VC, etc. Agendas are the names given to these tasks, and there are multiple agenda goals for the current season.

Play Rookie Domination (or other easy game modes)

Rookie Domination is super easy for knocking out challenges, and there’s typically a Spotlight challenge that makes particular XP challenges easier to complete.

Complete the Challenges

Near the end of the season, the challenges offer you more XP per minute. Complete the easier challenges early in the season, then go on to the more difficult ones as the season progresses.

Look out for events that offer Double XP or Rep

Another thing users should watch out for are Double XP/Rep events, which frequently happen in the game. These usually take on weekends and last from Friday through Sunday, so keep an eye out for these and grind when possible throughout the weekend event. Events are consistently going on, and each offers incentives to players for participating, which is almost always a boosted XP.


Current-gen and next-gen versions of 2K22 feature questlines in MyCareer that award various rewards for completing objectives like getting specific stats in games, exploring the City, or talking to NPCs. Quests award Season XP, so going through quests can be fun and will level you up quickly.

Play As Many Games As Possible

One of the quickest and natural ways to level up in NBA 2K22 is to play as many games as possible. When you will, you will earn more than two times of XP.

Play with a Group

Finally, the last easy grind method for XP in NBA 2K22 is grinding with a group of players. This allows each of you to partake in one another’s events, gaining XP for all of them in short succession. Most players play NBA2K22 with friends all the time, so this one should be pretty easy to earn a nice XP boost next time everyone is online.

This is everything that you will need to know about how to level up quickly and farm XP in NBA 2K22. Be sure to visit here to check out all of our other NBA 2K22 guides to help players be the best they can be in this year’s title!