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Top Candidates for NBA 2K23 Cover Athletes

We’re likely just about a month away from the NBA 2K23 cover athlete reveal, but we have some ideas about who will land the cover. Here, we’ll list the top candidates for NBA 2K23 cover athletes.

NBA 2K23 Cover Athletes

NBA 2K23 Cover – Steph Curry

Although there are many options for the NBA 2K23 cover athlete, we think Stephen Curry outshines the rest. He won the NBA Finals MVP when he led the Warriors to another championship after beating the Celtics in just six games. In our opinion, he should land on the cover.

In 2022, Curry earned the following accolades:

• Broke the NBA record for most threes in a year (507)
• Broke Ray Allen’s record for most career threes
• Became the first player ever with 3,000 three-pointers

He ranked 10th in the NBA in points per game (25.5), shooting 45.9% from the field and 39.7% from the three-point line. In our minds, he’s a shoo-in for the NBA 2K23 cover.

Other NBA 2K23 Cover Candidates – Nikola Jokic, Jayson Tatum, and Joel Embiid

Although we think Curry is the obvious choice, a few players have added their names to the current odds.

Nikola Jokic has a few accolades under his belt in 2022, as do Jayson Tatum and Joel Embiid:

1. Nikola Jokic

1). 2022 NBA Most Valuable Player
2). Averaged 27.1 points, 13.8 rebounds, and 7.9 assists per game

Back-to-back NBA MVP has never been featured on the cover and would coincide with the NBA’s recent homage to international talent.

2. Jayson Tatum

1). Averaged 26.9 points per game through the regular season
2). Led the Boston Celtics to the Eastern Conference Finals
3). Was vital in eliminating the Milwaukee Bucks

He is likely the best all-around young talent in the league and is potentially on pace to win his first NBA championship.

3. Joel Embiid

1). Averaged over 30 points per game during the regular season
2). Averaged a double-double over the season
3). Shot just under 50% during the season.
4). Was a candidate for MVP but lost to Nikola Jokic

Runner-up for league MVP and has never been featured on the cover—also one of the NBA’s more giant international stars.

4. Ja Morant

Although Ja Morant has jumped in the odds, his accolades this season don’t match up to Curry. Arguably the most exciting player in basketball and has never been featured on the cover. As the cover athlete, NBA 2K tends to lean more towards guards than forwards or centers.

NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete Odds

Here’s the current layout for the NBA 2K23 cover athlete odds:

• Ja Morant+100
• Nikola Jokic+300
• Jayson Tatum+400
• Joel Embiid+450
• Stephen Curry+500
• Devin Booker+2500
• LaMelo Ball+2800
• Trae Young+3300

Previous Covers of NBA 2K

In preparation for the NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete, here are some former cover athletes from previous years:

• NBA 2K16 – Standard Edition – Stephen Curry
• NBA 2K17 – Standard Edition – Paul George
• NBA 2K18 – Standard Edition – Kyrie Irving
• NBA 2K19 – Standard Edition – Giannis Antetokounmpo
• NBA 2K20 – Standard Edition – Anthony Davis
• NBA 2K21 – Standard Edition – Zion Williamson
• NBA 2K22 – Standard Edition – Luka Doncic

When is NBA2k23 Expected to Launch?

According to 2K Intel, the latest version of the NBA2k franchise will hit the market on September 16, 2022.

This has been in line with recent trends about the game launch. Current records show that the NBA2k game has always hit the market early in September on a Friday. NBA2k22 was released on September 10, while NBA2k21 hit the market on September 4.

Here’s everything you need to know about the NBA 2K23 Cover Athlete and what else we know so far. Also, to learn more about the NBA 2K23, follow the news pages of U4GM.


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