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NBA 2K20 Dynamic Duos And More Screenshots:The Lakers Have The Top Dynamic Duo

The newly formed L.A. Lakers pairing of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is the top-rated among the rest of the league’s “Dynamic Duos” with a 95.5 average overall rating. In the game, if you want to quickly build your own all-star team, you must obtain a large number of MT points, of course, you can Buy NBA 2K20 MT, to ensure that you gain valuable advantages in the competitive online mode!

The NBA 2K20 top “dynamic duo’s” ratings. So for now, here’s what’s been showcased:

Duo Rating #1
Lakers – LeBron James + Anthony Davis – 95.5 OVR

According to the 2K ratings, the Lakers have the top dynamic duo of James (96 Overall) and Davis (94 Overall) in the NBA with a rating of 95.5, forming the top-rated duo in the league.

Lakers – LeBron James + Anthony Davis

Duo Rating #2
Clippers – Kawhi Leonard + Paul George – 95 OVR

After the Davis and LeBron duo, the Clippers came in at a close second with their duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George being a 95 rating. Since Davis was a point higher than George on the ratings, the Lakers got a slight edge. The combination of the Leonard signing and George trade was the most unexpected development of the offseason. It really changed the dynamic of the league, and it does the same in “2K20.”

Clippers – Kawhi Leonard + Paul George

Duo Rating #3
Nets – Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving – 93.5 OVR

The Nets duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving is the third-best in the league, finishing behind the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers. With Durant likely to miss the season following surgery on his ruptured Achilles, the Nets won’t truly have their duo until 2020-21.

Nets – Kevin Durant + Kyrie Irving

Duo Rating #4
Rockets – James Harden + Russell Westbrook – 93 OVR

Harden’s ratings dipped early last season before he ended up going on a record-setting offensive tear. He ultimately finished at 96 Overall. Clint Capela (87 Overall) gives the Rockets the highest-rated third player to complement a dynamic duo.

Rockets – James Harden + Russell Westbrook

The upcoming season – and this year’s version of “NBA 2K” – should be especially fun given all of the recent player movement. The game is about to start, if you need NBA 2K20 MT, please browse


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