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Los Angeles Lakers will go into 2K Games Newest Title NBA 2K20 As One Of The Highest-rated Teams

Heading into the much-anticipated 2019-20 NBA season for the Los Angeles Lakers, one yearly tradition is the NBA 2K video game series with the cover athlete, Anthony Davis. If you are a fan of basketball culture and video games, please check out We regularly update the NBA 2k20 news and guide, as well as the cheap NBA 2K20 MT trading service.

With the new dynamic duo of LeBron James and Davis heading this new look Laker’s lineup, expectations are sky-high for this squad. Ideally, it is championship or bust for the Laker’s and they will go into 2K Games’ newest title NBA 2K20 as one of the highest-rated teams upon release.

LeBron James – 97

Already confirmed as the best player in 2K20 yet again he will be looking to get back to his MVP caliber play and reignite his NBA Finals streak which was broken this past season.

LeBron James

Anthony Davis – 94
A threat to score from anywhere on the offensive side and one of the best shot blockers and rim defenders in today’s modern era, Davis is the full package and teaming up with LeBron will for sure bring some top-notch highlight plays.

Anthony Davis

DeMarcus Cousins – 86
Once upon a time, the league-wide consensus was that Anthony Davis wasn’t the best big man in the league, it was DeMarcus Cousins. should Cousins get back to his old self he will warrant discussions as one of the best big men yet again.

DeMarcus Cousins

Kyle Kuzma – 84
The only member of the former Laker’s young core to survive the Davis trade overhaul of the roster. Kuzma has proven himself as one of the brightest and most efficient scorers in the NBA and looks to build on this even further.

Kyle Kuzma

Avery Bradley – 78
We know the guard for his stellar defense and his spot-up three-point shooting. There is a chance Bradley squeaks into the starting lineup for the Laker’s this season but even coming off of the bench he is a nice addition to this lineup.

Avery Bradley

As for Davis, he is the seventh-best rated player but is the top-rated big man. Out of the top 10 players in the league right now, the 26-year-old does have the best

opportunity to increase his rating heading into Year 1 with the Lakers. With a new decade approaching, Davis and Antetokounmpo are widely viewed as the next faces of

the league once James retires. Since Davis was traded to the Lakers, his only focus is on winning his first championship.

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