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NBA 2K22: How to Earn and Use MyTeam Tokens?

Similar to NBA2K22 MT, VC, the MyTeam tokens are the third in-game currency that allows you to purchase different rewards. However, how do you get and use them? This guide will show you how to get Tokens and what they’re for in NBA 2K22 MyTeam.

How to Get Tokens in NBA 2K22?

How to Get Tokens

You can get tokens from completing different activities in MyTeam:

1. Triple Threat Offline or Online

Each win in MyTeam’s Triple Threat Offline or Online typically rewards at least one Token. Sometimes, you’ll receive additional tokens with each win.

2. Domination

Single-player challenges in Domination reward Tokens as you progress through this mode that has you playing 5v5 against every NBA team.

Also, if you go over to the NBA 75 Domination tier, you’ll see that tokens are the rewards for each game. Here’s how many NBA 2K22 MyTEAM tokens you can earn:

• 5 Stars = 10 tokens
• 10 Stars = 20 tokens
• 15 Stars = 30 tokens

This allows you to earn 60 tokens per level for six levels, which brings your overall token haul in MyTEAM to 360.

3. Challenges

With the newer additions in NBA 2K22, Pick-Up and Skills Challenges have been introduced into the game. You’ll take part in daily challenges against AI with almost the same stats as your team (for fair play). You are winning the game rewards you with a gift once per day, including Tokens.

4. MyTeam Limited

MyTeam Limited is a standard 5v5 multiplayer mode where a prize will be rewarded to you like tokens once you’ve scored a victory.

5. Unlimited

In the Unlimited Mode, you will earn a minimum of 1 Token if you finish the 12 game season with at least one win.

6. Season Agendas

You’ll also level up as you win games and accomplish the various Season Agendas with different players. Each level brings a reward, and some of them are Tokens.

7. Ascension Board

Some levels will let you play on the Ascension Board. With this game, you get to turn over different cards for rewards. There you can get NBA 2K22 MT, Tokens, and other prizes. Sometimes you’ll turn over multiplier cards, which will increase your Tokens from the board even more.

8. Log into MyTEAM

When you go into MyTeam, you’ll receive a daily reward. If you log in each day of an entire week, you typically earn a free spin on a prize wheel. This can get you a high-rated player card, packs, or tokens.

9. Locker Codes

Locker Codes pop up on the 2K MyTeam Twitter quite often during the lifespan of NBA 2K games. Sometimes, special codes are given out elsewhere, such as during influencers’ live streams or NBA games on TV. Once you enter the code, you get to drop the ball in the pinball machine and will earn prizes, including packs, player cards, and Tokens.

What Tokens are For?

What Tokens are For

With Tokens, you can purchase MyTeam Rewards, including player cards of different levels, and is as follows:

• Emerald Rewards: 3 Tokens
• Sapphire Rewards: 6 Tokens
• Ruby Rewards: 15 Tokens
• Amethyst Rewards: 30 Tokens
• Diamond Rewards: 60 Tokens
• Pink Diamond Rewards: 150 Tokens
• Galaxy Opal Rewards: TBA

Along with the player cards, packs are also available in the Token Market. These include injury cards, badges, and other packs, including some of the MyTeam promotional series.

Now that you know how to obtain and use MyTeam tokens, it is time to go for yours. In the meantime, be sure to click here as we will bring you everything you need to know about every NBA 2K release, news, tips, and more.


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