Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K21 MyCareer

MyCareer is back for another year in NBA 2K21. This guide contains tips, tricks, and strategies needed for success in NBA 2K21 MyCareer mode. With these tips, you’ll be tearing up the competition in no time.

NBA 2K21 MyCareer

1. Make the right build

Deciding on which build to select is one of the first significant decisions that all 2K players have to make early on in MyCareer. Essentially, the archetype chosen will dictate your entire MyCareer experience. You should choose a build that lets you play the way you’ll enjoy.

If you don’t buy VC, it’ll take a lot of play to get your overall up by earning VC. This grind will be really dull and painstaking if you don’t enjoy using your build. It takes approximately 170,000 VC to get from 60 to 85 overall.

This entails hours of commitment and gameplay: from experience, it is not uncommon for many beginners to ditch their builds after a few weeks because their preferred playstyle doesn’t work with the created player.

So, when choosing a builder, it is essential to be sure that the playstyle and potential of the archetype is something you can see yourself sticking to for the long term.

2. Perform in the introduction/pre-draft

NBA 2K21’s MyCareer, as usual, doesn’t put you straight into the NBA. There’s a bunch to do before you’ve ever played a single NBA game.

An important part of the introduction is playing well in college games. To earn the maximum possible salary in your rookie season, you need to be at least the second overall pick. Also, your choice of agent is pretty key here.

3. Know what you want to use your build for

Not all builds are equal. Some shine in-park games (2v2 and 3v3), while others are built precisely to compete in Pro-Am and Rec games.

When creating your build, keep the modes that you want to play in mind; choosing a build that is not in line with your purpose will make the game a lot less enjoyable.

4. The best offense requires a strong defense

Defending is one of the things that instantly divides high skill players from low skill players. Having a good defense is the difference between winning and losing, so always be on the lookout for ways you can force your opponent into making risky plays that you can punish. By applying enough pressure, you’ll invariably force unwanted passes or shots that can be turned in your favor. While it can be tempting to stick really close to your foe, it’s almost always better to maintain a little distance so that they can’t just dash past you. This simple tip remains important regardless of your overall skill, so get used to marking any players who are likely to go for potential plays.

5. Grind for some VC

VC, or “virtual currency”, is the key to getting better in MyCareer.

MyCareer games, that is, NBA games, are a great way to get consistent VC. You’ll earn a salary for each game you play, plus incentives from sponsorships when you complete certain challenges.

There’s also a bunch of ways to get super quick VC. Doing the Daily Spin at Jeff’s 2K Arcade can get you up to a few thousand VC, and you can spin it more times the more you level up. Check on the Daily Spin daily to get some easy VC. Or answer questions on 2KTV when it pops up before games. If you get all the answers right in each episode, you can get a couple of thousand VC.

6. Get used to the new shot meter

new shot meter

The game features a revamped shooting system, so old and new players alike will have to get used to this. Instead of being timing-based, the new meter places a target space on some part of the meter. You need to move your stick to the left or right to find the middle of the zone. This is a big change from the old shooting system, so take some time to get used to it.

7. Work on your Badges

Badges are as important in 2K as VC, as badges give you that extra edge against players with the same stats. Badges act as a special boost in particular areas of your game and can be key in performing at the highest level in MyCareer.

You gain progress towards badges every time you play a MyCareer game. The other key is training. Unlocking training drills will give you a way to get huge progress towards badges between games. Make sure to always do team training, and you’ll be rewarded with insane amounts of progress for badges in a short space of time.

8. Focus on getting high teammate grades

In NBA 2K21, two of the best ways to maximize your VC earning potential is to get a good teammate grade and win as many games as possible.

The game encourages players in MyCareer to be team-oriented, with players getting rewarded for making good plays that help their team win.

It is easier to obtain a high teammate grade by consistently making good basketball plays, such as by boxing out, getting an assist, or grabbing rebounds, than by focusing on scoring.

If you want to earn VC and upgrade your player as fast as possible, focusing on getting that A + teammate grade and winning games have to be your priority.

9. Other Tips and Tricks for NBA 2K21 MyCareer

NBA 2K21 MyCareer tips

1). It’s easy to get gassed in MyCareer; your stamina drains very quickly. Stick to your default speed unless you’re on a fastbreak or chasing down a block. Your team will wait for you.

2). To access the Jump Shot Creator, attend the Team Practices before the games. After enough of these drills, the builder will unlock. Figure out which combination of movements coincides with your natural rhythm.

3). Using Team Practice will also unlock the option to choose your drills during practice.

4). Don’t play hero ball. When you’re starting out, only shoot the ball if you have a wide-open opportunity. A 60-rated player can’t do much except pass. But smart passing and spacing are enough to raise your Teammate Grade to a respectable level, especially if you get a couple of assists. Stay in your lane, and focus on making the rest of your team look good.

5). Don’t get into foul trouble. The coach will pull you from the 1st quarter if you commit two fouls, and he’ll pull you from the second quarter if you commit four fouls.

6). The easiest way to rack up fouls is to overcommit on defense. Don’t lunge at the ball by pressing the Steal button unless you see a clear opening; it’ll result in a reach-in foul. Manipulating the right stick is safer.

7). Know your team. Study their playbook to figure out how you fit into their offense.

8). Know what your teammates are capable of, especially the bench players. Can this guy shoot the three? Can this guy set a good screen? Work with what you have rather than doing it all yourself.

9). When in doubt, default to the pick and roll. If you’re in the frontcourt, set a screen. If you’re in the backcourt, call for one.

10). Until you get into the starting lineup of your NBA team, increase the quarter lengths. Otherwise, you’ll be subbing for too few minutes to make headway.

11). 2KU is a must. There are hundreds of different move combinations in this game, and the tutorial is both visually friendly and thorough.

12). Experiment with using the right analog stick on offense. You can also press the Shoot button, but the analog stick will give you finer control over the type of shot or layup you use.

13). Always remember to spin the prize wheel in the Neighborhood, which you can do once every 24 hours. You can get anything from Gatorade boosts to free tattoos to VC.

14). You’ll have to answer reporters’ questions after every game. You’ll be prompted to choose one of two responses. A response that celebrates your abilities will earn Fans. A response that celebrates your team or coach will earn Team Chemistry.

15). Haircuts are free.

Utilizing these tips does not guarantee instant success, but doing so goes a long way towards helping you to avoid many common MyCareer growing pains. For more NBA 2K21 tips, check out here! Or, you can also get cheap NBA 2k21 mt here, with sufficient inventory, immediate delivery, and excellent service.

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